Walk Your Dog For a Good Cause With Bideawee Love on a Leash

Courtesy Bideawee

Bideawee, one of the oldest nonprofit animal charity groups in New York, is holding its annual Love on a Leash Walk on Saturday, August 17 on Main Street in Westhampton Beach. The walk will begin at 8 a.m. at the Village Green and end at 11 a.m. Walkers are encouraged to bring their pets. Funds raised from the event will go toward veterinary care, behavioral training, food and shelter for displaced and homeless animals.

Bideawee’s official mission is “to cultivate and support the life-long relationships between pets and the people who love them.” The organization is based on the idea that adopting a pet isn’t a transaction but the beginning of a loving relationship that “promotes health and well-being, and brings joy to everyday life.” Bideawee’s current President, Nancy Taylor, has a background in nonprofit work, having worked for the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance. In other words, the animals that are at Bideawee are in good hands.

A quick personal story from the editor: “Ten summers ago, my father hurried out on an early Saturday morning after breakfast, not telling anyone where he was going. My mother noted that ‘she had an idea’ of where he went off to, but didn’t tell me where exactly it was. About an hour later, my father returned…and in his arms was a mangy little dog who looked a little scared. My dad had wanted a dog, and knew that my mom didn’t love the idea, so he took a leap of faith, went to Bideawee and brought it home, hoping she’d fall in love at first sight. It worked—my mom fell in love with Rufus as soon as she laid eyes on him. The adorable little Lhasa Apso had been abused and abandoned by his first family, and an infection on his leg required antibiotics and a cast. A few months later, the timid little guy was running, barking and playing as if he’d never experienced the awful treatment he endured before being found by Bideawee and adopted by us.”

As a huge animal lover myself, events like this always strike a chord with me. Bideawee is a remarkable organization, with locations in New York City, Wantagh and Westhampton. Growing up in Wantagh, I frequently passed the center on my way to school, where employees and volunteers were often outside with the animals, walking and playing with them. Unlike the Pound—which was next door to the Wantagh location—Bideawee operates less like a last resort and more like a safe haven for displaced or abandoned animals that can’t protect or take care of themselves. Bideawee also offers excellent health care for animals.

Love on a Leash participant Stephanie Costa keeps Bideawee close to her heart.

“My mother used to take her childhood beagle to Bideawee for checkups almost 50 years ago,” she says. “I’m glad they’ve always been there for us and our furry family members.”

Bideawee is in the midst of celebrating its 110-year anniversary. On June 20, the organization hosted its annual Bideawee Ball at Gotham Hall in New York. The gala was hosted by Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and attracted guests like celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky, television host Beth Stern and The Bachelor’s Prince Lorenzo Borghese.

On June 30, Bideawee and NY AutoFest hosted a Classic Car Show and Adoption Fair at the Adoption Center in Westhampton.


The Love on a Leash Walk commences August 17 at 8 a.m. in Westhampton Beach Village. For more information and to register for the Love on a Leash Walk, go to

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