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Best Dessert in the Hamptons?: Baked Alaska at Delmonico’s of Southampton

It would be impossible and irresponsible to ignore Delmonico’s of Southampton in our search for the Best Dessert in the Hamptons. This inveterate steakhouse is a New York City institution and, judging by their fantastic grub, the Southampton location is already setting a legacy of its own.

Delmonico’s is all about steak and lobster and decadent meals with fantastic service, but the restaurant also happens to be a top contender when it comes to the sweeter offerings. Whether you enjoy it after dinner or just stop in to treat yourself with coffee and a good friend, their Baked Alaska is a true eating experience.

Named as such in the 1860s by Charles Ranhofer in honor of the purchase of the Alaska territory by the United States, the Baked Alaska was first called an omelette Norvegienne in France, its country of origin. But “Alaska” seems to fit this almost magical dessert. It appears like fluffy snow baked golden brown and it hits the palate like an unexpectedly light cloud of sweet and subtle flavors that change with the seasons.

A recent visit brought on a sophisticated melding of taste and texture, highlighted by wisps of raspberry and lemon in the ice cream, cake and whipped meringue masterpiece.

Baked Alaska is just one of many unique and delicious desserts at Delmonico’s of Southampton—all of which change and evolve as their artful chef plies his craft.

So what’s your favorite dessert in the Hamptons? Where should we go to enjoy the joy of coffee and sweets, without the meal?

Delmonico’s of Southampton is located at 268 Elm Street in Southampton Village, 631-283-0202.

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