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Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #34 “Bust a Move” by Young MC

The Hamptons’ Top 100 Songs of Summer Countdown wouldn’t be complete with one of the all time greatest dance and party songs. Young MC’s most famous jam is all about finding Mrs. Right, or Ms. Right Now. The weekend is around the corner, so get out to the bars, the clubs and the beaches. This is your time to bust a move.

Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #34

“Bust a Move” by Young MC

Everyone knows this 1989 super smash hit by Young MC. The song from his album Stone Cold Rhymin’ earned a Grammy for Best Rap Performance in 1990 and stayed on the Billboard Top 40 for 20 weeks. Now, early 25 years later, it’s a good bet you’ve already got it on your playlist. Did you know Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea sings guest vocals on the song?

Who could resist the rapper’s laugh-out-loud lyrics about picking up women combined with this song’s endlessly danceable beat and chorus? The best part might be that the tune’s would-be Romeo can’t seem to score with the ladies because he can’t dance. “Bust a Move” could be the easiest song to dance to, that’s also being about not knowing how to dance. Hopefully you Hamptons listeners out there will have an easier time finding love—or a short-term playmate—this weekend. What can we say? You want it, you got it. Now go out and bust it.

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