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ARF Pit Bull #27, Pretty Girl Is Ready for Adoption

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF) announced today that one of the Pit Bull Terriers seized in a dog fighting ring is ready for adoption. “Dog #27” now called “Pretty Girl” was found wounded, bloodied and emaciated in a garage where illegal dog fighting was taking place.

Pretty Girl and 17 other pit bulls were seized during the raid, and taken to local animal hospitals and to the local animal shelter. Three had to be euthanized immediately because of their injuries.  Fortunately, Pretty Girl, despite her injuries, was rehabilitated thanks to excellent veterinary care funded by the local animal shelter and the Nassau County District Attorney’s office. At ARF, Pretty Girl was diagnosed with a blood-borne parasite (babesia gibsonia) that is associated with dogs used in fighting, but she has made a full recovery following treatment.

Once her physical injuries were healed, Pretty Girl’s mental state had to be addressed. “The small staff at the local shelter did an amazing job with her” ARF’s Executive Director, Sara Davison said. All the dogs were evaluated by the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty Behavior Team and many of them exhibited aggression toward other dogs. Dog aggression is a behavioral trait obviously encouraged by dog fighting rings.

Despite her dog-aggressive tendencies, Pretty Girl was assessed by the ASPCA as an “affectionate social dog…a good candidate for rehabilitation.”

At ARF she has started basic obedience training and further desensitization to other dogs. Her “finishing school” included long walks in the woods, muzzled interactions with other dogs, lots of exposure to people and obedience training.  Today she has made many dog friends at ARF and is allowed to join them in play groups unmuzzled. Pretty Girl is a survivor. She let kindness and compassion heal her broken heart. She now deserves to live happily ever after.

For information on adopting Pretty Girl contact the ARF Adoption Team at 631-537-0400 ext. 203. The mission of the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons is to actively rescue cats and dogs, provide quality care and offer sanctuary until loving homes can be found.

Founded in 1974, Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons mission is to actively rescue cats and dogs, provide quality care and sanctuary until loving homes can be found.

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Pretty Girl, then
Pretty Girl, then “Pit Bull #27” after her rescue, Photo: Courtesy ARF
Pretty Girl, then
Pretty Girl had to recover both mentally and physically, Photo: Courtesy ARF
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