Free Dan’s Papers Office Swag!

Office Swag
Free Dan's Papers office swag

Being a journalist has its perks, one of which is lots of promotional swag.

Along with the many promo and sample items we receive here, the Dan’s Papers office kitchen has become a repository for unwanted possessions and giveaways from members of our staff.

Most weeks, a random book, kitchen utensil, vase or piece of bric-a-brac will materialize in the ever growing pile of items on the kitchen counter. Sometimes these items disappear quickly, as was the case with my teflon wok (I’m proud to say), while others (like the chocolate face mask) just stay there, unloved and unwanted until someone mercifully tosses it into the trash.

But no one likes waste, right?

The old saying goes, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure,” and I’m putting this to the test with a series of blogs, as needed.

Without further ado, I present to you some special items from the Dan’s kitchen. For the next seven days, I’m offering these items free to our readers before they meet a sad demise in landfill oblivion. The picture above features most of the items, but two were already scooped up since I photographed them this morning. Sorry, no more mirror or Rizzoli catalog, but I’ve put the rest safely aside.

First commenter naming each item gets to take it home! (We’ll arrange pickup later.)

Here’s what we have this week:

Bombs Over Burma DVD

1. Bombs Over Burma DVD

Death, Danger and Double Cross!! This Anna May Wong film classic from 1943 is 65 minutes of exciting black and white adventure. Written and directed by Joseph H. Lewis, Bombs Over Burma tells the tale of WWII-era China and the efforts to keep open the Burma Road. Meanwhile, Chungking schoolteacher Lin Yang is recruited to help with the dangerous mission… Rated 5.4 stars out of 10 on! DVD appears to have never been watched. It’s mint!

Clive Cussler The Storm

2. Paperback of The Storm by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown

A mad scheme to control the weather… Millions of lives in the balance… Kurt Austin and the NUMA team are humanity’s last hope! This slightly worn book published in 2012 adds another chapter to Cussler’s Kurt Austin Adventure series. You can take home the action today.

Christmas Bunny and crafts

3. Random Collection of Christmas Crafts

Left by one of our staff, this plastic ziplock bag is loaded with fabric patterns, swatches and other weird stuff, including a boxy, flat bunny character wearing some kind of green plaid poncho. Nothing says Christmas like a bunny in a poncho! And it even has a red cord for tree ornamentation during the most festive of seasons.

iPhone not included...
iPhone not included…

4. The Atlantic Southampton Rubber iPod/iPhone Gramophone Stand

This unique piece of promo swag from the Hampton Classic press package will hold up your device and look sort of like a blue, rubber gramophone from the early days of recorded music. It’s like an antique—but blue and rubber and made to hold a modern music device! (Sorry, I’m not giving away my Tick Borne Disease Alliance water bottle from the same press pack. It’s amazing.)

5. Two issues of Les idees De ma maison Magazine

These are written in French, so I have no idea what they’re supposed to be, but they appear to be some kind of home decor publication. (See main photo above.)

OK, start your engines, folks. I’ll be fighting off my fellow staffers and holding these items until next Thursday, September 19. Be patient, the first commenter will be contacted, even if it takes a day.

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