Get Pampered at Blue Sage Day Spa on the North Fork

Blue Sage Day Spa
Blue Sage Day Spa in Mattituck, Photo: Genevieve Horsburgh

The North Fork of Long Island is one of my favorite places on earth. As a foodie, it has everything I could want—great food, local produce, award winning vineyards—but now I have a new reason to visit Mattituck on my favorite Fork, and it’s called Blue Sage Day Spa.

For the past eight years, owner Diane Carlson has been pampering the women of the North Fork. As I sat in the serenely decorated reception room, I chatted with two women who had just received full body massages. The positive feedback from these ladies was inspiring, and I couldn’t wait to feel as rejuvenated as they did.

Diane took me on a tour of the spa, and I was able to see all of the rooms, including the couples massage room, where lovebirds can enjoy a relaxing and romantic massage together. Not a bad idea for a gift—hint, hint for all you men reading this! Blue Sage also offers invigorating facial treatments, including microdermabrasion and hydro-lifting.

But back to my massage. Before you go into the massage rooms, Diane will have you fill out a form for some basic information, most importantly to find out what parts of your body you want your masseuse to focus on. Danielle, my masseuse, spoke to me about my problem areas, then invited me to make myself comfortable face up on the heated massage bed (you can keep your undergarments on, but since oil is used, I’d recommend taking them off).

Danielle began at the top of my head, her magical fingers working rapidly through my hair, massaging my skull and immediately lulling me into a deeply relaxed state. She concentrated on my neck and shoulders, and I could feel the tension evaporating with each carefully executed touch. Then Danielle pulled out the hot basalt stones and began using them to massage my neck and shoulders, and the heat from the stones eased those stress knots even further, turning my upper body into Jell-O.

After she was finished with my upper body, Danielle moved on to each limb, massaging my arms right down to my fingertips and my legs all the way to my toes. I could tell I was in good hands—literally—because she knew all the parts of the body to massage that would feel the best, and she seemed to know exactly how much pressure my body could handle. Not once did I feel any pain or discomfort during the massage.

Next, Danielle had me flip over onto my stomach (so I woke up for a minute to do so) and she continued to work her magic on my shoulders and back, using her hands and more of those wonderful little warm rocks—where can I get a set of those?

When she was done, Danielle told me to get up slowly and take my time getting dressed. For a few moments I couldn’t form a cohesive thought, so I remained where I was, listening to the calming sound of waves crashing against the shore coming through the speakers. When I finally sat up and opened my eyes, it took a moment to regain my equilibrium—my body felt nearly boneless, what a delicious feeling. As my vision focused, I took some deep breaths and dressed. Danielle was waiting for me outside with a cup of water, and she urged me to drink plenty of water the rest of the day. This would help flush out any substances that were released during the massage, and also to help hydrate my muscles.

Feeling light as air and carefree, I thanked Diane and Danielle for a wonderful massage, and then took a leisurely drive home, stopping at some farm stands on the way. What a perfect way to spend the day on the North Fork!

Blue Sage Day Spa is open every day except for Tuesdays. Call now to book your massage, and say you read about them in Dan’s Papers or

Blue Sage Day Spa is located at 140 Pike Street in Mattituck. 631-298-4244,

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