Wealthy Mistake: Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz Party in Wrong Hamptons Home

Alicia Keys party
Graphic: Oliver Peterson Source: Keith HInkle, Georges Biard, Ashley Deason,Lynn D. Rosentrater

A recent story about Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats partying in the wrong Hamptons home could be one of those drug-addled, hard-luck Hollywood tales—like old cracked-out, pre-Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. passing out in his neighbor’s house—but it seems to be less about drunkenness and more about insane wealth.

New York Post‘s Page Six reports that the famous husband and wife duo had rented a place on Flying Point Road in Water Mill, but they threw a party in the wrong house. It seems the couple either had someone else rent the house for them and then simply showed up sight unseen (except maybe some photos), or they are just so rich that choosing a Hamptons rental is as inconsequential as buying an article of clothing.

After all, if someone bought a bunch of stuff from Ralph Lauren in East Hampton or even TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton, they might not remember every detail of every shirt or pant they brought home, right?

It turns out, Keys and Beatz were “confused” when they entered the wrong home, a source told Page Six, but amazingly, the couple didn’t notice the error until their party actually woke the homeowner who was sleeping upstairs. You’d think they’d realize they were in the wrong house after getting past the front door, but, hey, it’s an honest mistake.

The shocked homeowner initially thought the ruckus was from her college-age daughter and friends who were still at home boozing before going out, but eventually she went downstairs to find her daughter long gone and the famous couple and their entourage in her kitchen. It’s unclear whether they brought food and libations or just assumed the home came stocked with things they don’t usually eat or drink. Unless of course this “palatial” doppelganger house also happened to have all their favorite snacks and booze—and looked identical, inside and out, to their rental manse.

In a stroke of luck, Keys and Beatz are famous, so no charges were pressed. Page Six reports “all parties saw the humor in the mishap.” Because this is what always happens when a rich Hamptons resident wakes to find a group of black strangers partying in her home. We live in a miraculously welcoming and understanding community!

In related news, Swizz Beatz used the wrong letter, three out of four times. He has yet to resolve the issue.

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