Hamptons Spelling & Grammar: Noyac

It’s Noyac, without a “k.”

While some will argue that the correct spelling is “Noyack,” the name of this hamlet between North Sea and Sag Harbor is definitely “Noyac.”

The website for Southampton Town, in which Noyac lies, lists both spellings, but Noyac without a “k” is the preferred spelling. According to the town, Noyac is a name of Native American origin, meaning “a point or corner of land.”

The Wikipedia page for the hamlet prefers the spelling Noyack, but any schmo can edit Wikipedia to say whatever.

One reason the wrong spelling is seen so frequently is because the U.S. Census subscribes to the erroneous “Noyack.” But the Census also incorrectly spelled Water Mill as “Watermill” up until the 2010 census. So, who are you going to believe, the federal government or Dan’s Papers?

Suffolk County also uses “Noyack,” like in this sign on County Road 39:

Ignore that "k."
Ignore that “k.”

But similar green road signs spell it sans “k.”

When you drive into Noyac, look for the welcome sign that boldly states “NOYAC.” It is also the spelling used by the Noyac Golf Club, Noyac Deli, Noyac Citizens Advisory Committee and Noyac Civic Council.

According to The Sag Harbor Express, people who live there are called Noyacans.

And really try to avoid confusing Noyac with Nyack, a village in Rockland County.

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