Montauk Chronicles Release Date Announced (Again) – Pre-Orders Limited

Still from the Montauk Chronicles Camp Hero
Still from the Montauk Chronicles at Camp Hero,

First announced in summer of 2011 with a promised release in summer 2012, and several more dates after that, Christopher Garetano’s much anticipated film Montauk Chronicles will finally see the light of day, he says, on January 14, 2014.

This newest in a long series of release dates was announced Monday, November 11. Garetano also shared a new trailer for the film, showed off his revamped website and began accepting pre-orders for a limited number of “first-run” DVDs and Blu Ray discs on Monday. There’s a good chance the movie will actually come out this time.

Here’s hoping.

Still from Montauk Chronicles
Still from Montauk Chronicles,

Montauk Chronicles tells the tale of Montauk’s infamous Camp Hero Air Force base (some call it “Area 51 East”) and the legends that it was, among other things, a subterranean black ops facility and ground zero for a series of experiments in time travel, extraterrestrial contact and clandestine mind control programs. It is said that thousands of people—including many young children—were kidnapped, tortured and even killed there.

The film features interviews with three men who claim to have endured these nefarious activities at the base, including Alfred Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow and Preston Nichols, author of The Montauk Project, a seminal book on the subject.

Part documentary and part dramatic retelling, “Montauk Chronicles is the very first and honest (cinematic) examination of the Camp Hero Legends,” Garetano explains on his website. “It raises many questions of our place in the universe and what the future may hold for humanity,” he says, describing the film as “an entertaining journey into the unknown and a study of fear, lies, paranoia and the truth.”

Visit to pre-order a copy of the film, by White Phosphorus Pictures, on DVD ($19.95) or Blu-ray ($23.95) and receive it immediately after the January 14 release. The site also has Montauk Chronicles T-shirts and copies of the original score by Krystal Cordero on vinyl. Limited copies are available for the first run.

Watch Garetano’s latest Montauk Chronicles preview below.

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