Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: What Is a Chakra?

Map of the seven chakras
Map of the seven chakras

What is a chakra?

Your “chakras” are seven doorways to the unseen realms and the interconnectedness of all things. “Chakra” is the word for “wheel” or “disk” in the strange but beautiful Sanskrit language of India, one of the most ancient languages known. Each chakra is said to be related to specific processes going on in our body such as breathing, digesting and even sex. They are  also related to specific mental and spiritual aspects of our being.

Sanskrit is said to have been consciously created by “the divine beings” who lived in perfect health and had very long life spans.  They had plenty of free time to do things like think up languages and discover and name the chakras and another spiritual power system known as “yoga.” Yoga is often said to mean “union” in Sanskrit, but yoga is active, not passive, and we therefore believe it is more precise to translate it as “to unite.”

In Sanskrit, each and every word created to describe a person, place or thing was designed to vibrate at the same frequency as the thing itself vibrated so that the word and what it described would resonate sympathetically and reinforce each other. So the word “yoga” is the vibration of the concept of uniting things like your mind, body and spirit and “chakra” is the embodiment in sound of the concept and reality of a spinning, moving wheel.

This ancient understanding of the chakras and the power of sympathetic resonance show a remarkable degree of sophisticated scientific knowledge in the people that lived thousands of years before our time. Our distant ancestors understood that we are all made up of vibrating energy, something that was not re-discovered and proved until Albert Einstein did so in the early 20th century!

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