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Top 5 Nolan Ross Quotes on Revenge

Nolan Ross Quote Revenge Meme
Nolan Ross has the best quotes

Revenge returns with a new episode this Sunday, December 7, as Lydia returns to the Hamptons to take down Emily and the Graysons, leading up to the big fall finale on December 15, where someone finally gives Ems a taste of her own medicine. In the meantime, though, we thought of the perfect Top 5 appetizer to whet our collective Revenge appetite: Nolan-isms!

1. Nolan to Tyler: “Ah, ambiguous sexual identity. I get it. I’m about a…three on the Kinsey scale, myself.”

Translation: “Hey Tyler, the evil glint in your eye and shady behavior suggests you’re going to snap at any moment, but let’s get in a quickie before you do anything, ’kay?”

2. Nolan to Aiden: “Rule number 17: No fish for breakfast. Rule number 18: No killing on the premises (rule to be disregarded if my life is in danger). Ah, most importantly, rule number 19: Always give a heads-up call before coming home. I am on the rebound, so bitch, don’t kill my vibe.”

Translation: “I finally get a hot boyfriend and he turns out to be Victoria Grayson’s unhinged son. So keep quiet and lose the shirt.”

3. Nolan to Jack: “I understand if our relationship is finished. If it is, at least it ended in truth.”

Translation: “Please don’t leave me alone with Emily. She scares me.”

4. Nolan on Padma: “The IRS is all up in Nolcorp’s grill. Luckily, Padma is the Audit Whisperer.”

Translation: “The writers are convinced that pairing me with a milquetoast accountant is going to revitalize this sorry story, so just go with it, okay?”

5. Nolan to Emily: “Right, the gospel according to Emily. Sin unto others as you’ve had sinned unto you.”

Translation: “You just took down a priest. This season rocks.”

What are your favorite Nolan Ross quotes?

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