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Top 5 Reasons Jumping into the Ocean Was the Best Worst Decision of My Life

I plunged this weekend.

Air temperature 27 degrees. Water, 40 degrees.

It took a lot of peer pressure to get me to go to Coopers Beach on Saturday morning, but the event exceeded expectations, as the entire community came out to support Human Resources of the Hamptons.

Here are my top 5 reasons why it was the best worst decision of my life.

• I received a beach wine glass for my troubles. Can’t wait to test this out…but I think I’ll wait until the weather gets warmer

• The adrenaline rush.

• I can now say “I’ve jumped into the ocean while it was snowing.” I’m not sure that was ever a “bucket list” item for me, but there you have it…

• Money for charity! The numbers aren’t in yet, but there seemed to be more plungers this year than spectators, a good sign for Human Resources of the Hamptons.

• The fire. This was the first time I’ve plunged within the vicinity of a fire. Amazing.

View media from the 2013 Polar Bear Plunge: PHOTOS | VIDEO

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