Amy Zerner’s Fashion Sense: Opposites Attract

Amy Zerner Jacket New
Back and white jacket by Amy Zerner

The crisp color combination of black and white in various combinations was a hit at plenty of designer shows for a strong 2014 trend.

A black and white look is always fashion staple but this year it’s all about monochromatic contours, big patterns, graphic geometrics, bold floral designs and striped statement pieces that make you look pretty and powerful. Eclectic patterns and abstract shapes really pop an outfit.

Graphic prints undoubtedly continue to rule the fashion scene.

Black and white colors work on any body type. It’s a sophisticated, classic, elegant and dramatic trend that can be easily translated into both everyday and evening wear.

Amy Zerner is the Hamptons’ number one fashion blogger and designer.

Amy Zerner jacket black and white



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