Link Between Justin Bieber, Drag Racing and the Hamptons Proves Elusive

Justin Beiber Hamptons Mugshot Question Marks
Is there a valid link between Justin Beiber and the Hamptons?

The editorial staff has been furiously seeking a link between Justin Bieber and the Hamptons following the young pop star’s arrest in Miami last Thursday, January 23, but so far nothing meaningful or timely has surfaced.

According to reports, Bieber, 19, was charged with drag racing, driving under the influence, driving with an expired license and “resisting arrest without violence” after Miami police stopped his yellow Lamborghini at 4:19 a.m. Thursday morning. Reports indicate Bieber and R&B artist Khalil, who was in a Ferrari and also arrested, had their people block off the street, where they raced at commuter-like speeds up to 60 mph. The teen idol told police he had alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs in his system, according to reports, but by Monday it seems all charges but the nonviolent resisting arrest were dropped.

These facts and the resulting maelstrom of internet chatter make for excellent web traffic and page views, our South O’ the Highway staff surmised before plowing headlong in their quest to relate the incident to the Hamptons and get the story online.

Bieber’s one known appearance in the Hamptons in August 2013 came with its own controversy, when his security team reportedly mixed it up with a patron at Southampton’s South Pointe Nightclub—and Bieber allegedly ripped off his own shirt—but that connection to last week’s arrest was weak, at best. It was, however, enough to warrant a brief post, placating our editors while the team searched for something more substantive.

Unfortunately, the Hamptons-Bieber connection remains elusive. Even attempts at outside connections, such as relating Khalil to the East End or Bieb’s Lamborghini to a local car dealer, proved fruitless.

South O’ the Highway is still considering novel ways to mention Justin Bieber, drag racing and his arrest in Miami, with hopes to get a piece of the valuable internet traffic that has occurred in its wake.

In other news, TMZ reports that Bieber is selling his home in Calabasas, with hopes to acquire a large piece of land where he can enjoy his privacy, drive ATVs and possibly build a skate park. As Madonna has shown, that dream is still possible in the Hamptons—even more so on the North Fork. Does the East End have a Bieber dam in our future?

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