Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap — Season 3, Episode 12: “Endurance”

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Victoria leaves a special message for Emily in the hospital, Graphic: Oliver Peterson / ABC

Another week, another ridiculous sequence of events in the Revenge version of the Hamptons! When last we spoke, an amnesiac Emily had just remembered who shot her (Daniel). What could possibly happen now? A lot. If you missed last night’s episode because of the Golden Globes, or just want the Hamptons perspective, read on for our recap of Revenge Season 3, Episode 12: “Endurance.”

Nolan goes to visit Emily dressed as the most Hamptonsy candy striper EVER. Emily tells Nolan she’s failed and she doesn’t want to go back to her life: “The hardest part of losing my memories is having to relive them as they came back.” She wants to leave the Hamptons.

At their clandestine meeting place (parking garage), Aiden and mystery gal Niko argue about whether or not Emily needs to leave the hospital. Niko thinks she’s still too weak. Aiden then addresses the elephant in the room and tells his former lover that he’s now dating Emily. Niko still agrees to help.

Daniel goes to visit Sara at the Stowaway. Sara is exasperated that he thinks she tried to commit suicide over him — it turns out she was just drunk and passed out in the bathtub. Jack interrupts the two and conks Danny out. Meanwhile, Jack’s sexy factor increases by 100.

The doctor tells Victoria that Emily is ready to leave the hospital. Victoria isn’t comfortable with Emily being out in the open, so Niko (in her fake accent) arrives just in time: “Perhaps I could be of help, Mrs. Grayson.” Victoria smiles. Emily then wakes up…in Grayson Manor!

Victoria closes the curtains (to protect her daughter-in-law from the paparazzi, of course), but Emily is confused and disoriented. Emily maintains that she can’t remember anything after the wedding ceremony. Then Daniel arrives (with a nice black eye where Jack hit him). Daniel kisses his “beloved” wife on the forehead, tells her to get some sleep and follows Victoria outside, where he confronts his mother about keeping Ems captive. “Try to keep your violent confrontations to a minimum,” Victoria snipes.

Emily attempts to escape, but Niko stops her and introduces herself… as TAKEDA’S DAUGHTER. Emily is surprised that Niko knows Aiden, and asks her to help her escape, but Niko thinks she needs to remain “in the eye of the storm.”

Margaux is surprised to see Daniel in his office at Voulez. He wants Margaux to write a huge expose on Lydia, but she’s hesitant.

Conrad drops in to check on Emily and starts asking her about what she remembers. Emily asks Conrad if he thinks Lydia shot her, and he doesn’t answer her; instead, he tells her to watch her back around Victoria (as if she needed to be told).

Revenge Black Guy Meme

At Victoria’s gallery, Victoria tells Patrick that Daniel shot Emily. He’s livid that Victoria lied to him (telling him Lydia did it), and refuses to listen to her apology. After he accuses her of loving her “blood more than her bastard,” Victoria slaps Patrick (!) and tells him that he’s the only person who matters in her life. The two come to a grudging understanding (let the creepy commence yet again) and Patrick heads to…

Nolan emerges from a swim in the ocean to find Patrick waiting on the beach. “I come in peace,” Patrick says, and then tells Nolan that Victoria slapped him and he can’t have a normal relationship with her. Patrick asks Nolan if they can meet later. Nolan reluctantly agrees. How many times are we going to go through this?

Charlotte brings Jack and baby Carl to visit Emily. After she leaves, Jack asks Emily why she hasn’t turned in Daniel, but Emily asks him to back off; she just wants to get out safely. When Charlotte comes to collect the two — Victoria did say guests are forbidden — the baby drops his puppy doll and Jack thinks Emily should keep it.

As suspected, Patrick is planning on getting to the Infinity Box in Nolan’s safe. Niko overhears Victoria on the phone begging him to stay out of it and warns Emily, who explains that everything would be ruined if Patrick gets the box. Emily laments that she should be off marrying Aiden, and Niko gets upset. When Emily tells Niko she doesn’t care about getting revenge anymore, Niko Takeda-chops her in the stomach (where she was shot, no less) and reveals her true feelings: Emily took all of Takeda’s attention and affection, and now she’s not even living up to the hype. Niko tells Emily she’s on her own…

Later, Victoria pays Emily a visit with some dessert and test results from the hospital. After feigning sympathy for her, she hands Emily the results, which reveal that due to the bullet wound, Emily can no longer conceive. “Fate can be so cruel,” Victoria sighs before Emily quietly kicks her out. Alone, Emily freaks out.

Niko and Aiden argue some more, and she reminds him that she could have told Emily about their relationship but held back. Aiden asks Niko to tell Emily not to do anything rash.

At casa Nolan, Patrick gets our favorite fop drunk…or so we think. Nolan spills his drink on himself, and Patrick sexily goes to lick the martini off his on-again/off-again/on-again et al beau’s arm…and realizes that Nolan’s been drinking water. Nolan says he didn’t want to compromise himself, and Patrick understands…and hits him over the head with a fire log! Patrick goes to Victoria with the Infinity Box and tells her she’ll be pleased with what’s inside. Victoria looks hurt when Patrick says he doesn’t want to be in her life anymore, and she looks nervous when Patrick says he can’t hold out much longer “about his past.” Could he be asking about his father? He leaves, and after a very brief moment of self-reflection, Victoria opens the box.

BUT FIRST…Daniel knocks on Sara’s dilapidated door and she wants nothing to do with him…until he reveals that Emily lied about her pregnancy. He thinks she did it to scare Sara away (moron). Sara asks Daniel if he shot her, and he (naturally) lies. “I am so sorry,” Sara cries to Daniel. Gag.

Emily walks into Victoria’s study to find her studying the Infinity Box. Victoria goes through what she found in the box; luckily, there doesn’t appear to be anything about Amanda Clarke or her father in there, just information that proves Emily’s a con artist. Victoria promises Emily she’s ruined, and she leaves…as Emily grins.

Jack and Margaux have breakfast at the Stowaway. Margaux shows Jack her article about Lydia and he can’t keep quiet. Margaux is stunned when Jack tells her that Daniel shot Emily. At Grayson Manor, Daniel gets a call from Margaux, who says she’s going to halt production and delay the article.

The press storms Grayson Manor — Emily has called a conference! She announces that she remembers her shooter: Lydia Davis. The Graysons are collectively floored when Emily offers $10 million for Lydia’s recovery.

Emily returns to her quarters and stares at her dog doll (which looks strangely like Sammy) and asks if he saw the conference. Nolan’s voice replies and Emily takes a hi-tech walkie-talkie out of the dog’s tummy! She thanks him for switching the Infinity Box at the last second and asks if he’s okay. On the other end, Nolan nurses his head with some frozen peas. Emily then heads to the beach house, with the help of Grayson maid Bianca, to meet with Aiden. He’s devastated when she tells him she has to stick around to finish her mission and breaks up with him.

Back at the Stowaway, Margaux confronts Jack about Emily’s announcement. She’s understandably livid with him for making her miss the deadline and doubt herself, and shows him video of the press conference. After a look of complete disappointment and resignation, Jack apologizes and the two make up; Margaux is relieved that her assistant is getting the issue to the printer…

…But Conrad has intercepted the assistant to switch the article — with one about Emily!

Aiden meets with Niko, who reveals that she is renewing her quest to avenge her father’s murder (IT WAS AIDEN, GIRL!). They start making out. Aiden’s uncomfortable.

Emily sits with Victoria and Daniel and pleasantly reads them both the riot act. After revealing that she knows Daniel shot her, Emily explains that she’s going to keep quiet…so long as Daniel stays with her. Victoria shrugs; she’s been in a loveless marriage for 25 years, they can work something out. “Screw you,” Daniel seethes as Emily smiles…

Closing Thoughts
Emily really pulled it together this time! I’m excited for the War of the Roses that has been set up at Grayson Manor.

Best Moment: Emily revealing her motives to Daniel and Victoria.
Worst Moment: Daniel arriving at Sara’s doorstep, clothesline flowing in the wind.
Best Line: “I’ve endured over 25 years in a loveless marriage. You two will figure things out.” —Victoria
Question of the Week: Why did Aiden kill Takeda?

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