HBO’s Girls Premiered North Fork Episode on Sunday

HBO's Girls in Greenport
The cast of HBO's Girls in Greenport. Photo: Jan Claudio

Further setting them apart from the Hamptons regulars of Sex and the City, the twenty-something stars of HBO’s Girls made their first onscreen trip to the North Fork on Sunday night—and they had no trouble explaining the difference between the Twin Forks. The North Fork, as Marnie explains, is “for people who think the Hamptons are tacky and don’t want to be on a beach that’s near a J.Crew.”

Sunday’s episode, “Beach House” (Season 3, Episode 7), takes the show’s four stars—Hannah (Lena Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams), Shosanna (Zosia Mamet) and Jessa (Jemima Kirke)—to the North Fork home of Marnie’s mother’s friend, where the group is supposed to spend a “healing” weekend together, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

Though much of the episode was filmed in East Marion (maybe the beach and/or house scenes?) last June, the cast and crew also shot scenes in Greenport Village at that time.

As the girls’ weekend commences, first at the beach and then in Greenport, a bikini-clad Hannah bumps into her gay ex-boyfriend and estranged pal Elijah (Andrew Scott Rannells), and invites him and his (mostly shirtless) friends to the house for drinks and, later, dinner—much to Marnie’s chagrin. The group gets drunk on wine (hopefully local) and Elijah’s boyfriend Pal’s impromptu drink, the “North Fork Fizz,” and then choreograph and perform an elaborate dance routine.

Frustrated that Hannah’s invited to Elijah and “the cast of Magic Mike” over for dinner, instead of allowing the girls to bond and heal, Marnie eventually explodes and all four girls begin trading barbs, insults and way too much honesty for their strained friendships. But as the episode concludes, waiting for the bus in Greenport the next morning, it seems things may not be so bad between the girls after all.

Perhaps the previous night’s purge was exactly what they needed.

And what exactly is this North Fork Fizz that got everyone so honest in the first place? Where can we get one?

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