Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Healing with Crystals

Healing Crystals Monte Farber
Healing Crystals, Photo: Courtesy Monte Farber

Crystals can help serve as spiritual power tools to teach us how to bring the mind to a greater sense of peace, the body into a more stable, grounded state, and the spirit into connection with the infinite from which springs all creation. Stones can remind us of a higher truth and keep us centered in that light.

When we become aware of the qualities of beauty, frequency and color, and their possible uses, stone “medicine” may help us explore our current needs and how we may transform certain situations by using a stone as a meditative focus and an inspirational power source. Gems and minerals have patterns and pictures on their surfaces that can transport you to another world, igniting your imagination. They are very tactile and soothing to touch and hold.

The idea of healing with crystals was first popularized in the in the 1930s when the famous American trance psychic Edgar Cayce claimed his visions revealed that, in the time of Atlantis, crystals were used as a source of energy that could even power airships. He also mentioned various specific stones when prescribing healing protocols for the people he read.

Each stone becomes a meditative amplifier that can help you to transform your situation. They can keep you centered and reminded of a higher truth. All thoughts and actions have consequences, creating harmony or disharmony. Working with ritual and healing rocks and crystals helps you create harmony, handle your stress and feel better.

Your stones offer a beautiful stability, and can help you focus on your strengths so you can use them to compensate for your weaknesses. When we use crystals or stones as healing tools, the crystal has the ability to rebalance a disruptive vibration so the person can be aware of the reason behind the distress.

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Young Edgar Cayce
Young Edgar Cayce, Photo used by permission–Edgar Cayce Foundation–Virginia Beach VA

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