Latest East End Forecast: 6 Inches of Snow

Snowpocalypse Now
Snowpocalypse Now, Photo: Oliver Peterson

As of Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service is reporting that there is potential for a “significant coastal storm” to strike the East End of Long Island late Tuesday into Wednesday, dropping as many as 6 inches of snow.

Local forecasts for many areas on the South Fork and North Fork call for 1 to 3 inches of snow overnight Tuesday, then an additional inch Monday morning. But that only adds up to 2 to 4 inches during this storm. What the hell, National Weather Service? Which is it? 4 or 6?!

The last two promised severe snowfalls never materialized. Mother Nature was just messing with us. Now, in the first full week of spring, she is back at it again with another commute-ruining snowstorm predicted. Is the greater trick on us to never snow, or to actually dump 6 inches?

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