Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Ritual for Positive Energy

Monte Farber's ritual candle
Monte Farber's ritual candle

Ritual is a way of both reminding ourselves of our immense capabilities and of calling them into being for our use. This is true power.

Thoughts and beliefs are vibrations of energy that can influence us in a very deep way. The combination of intention and ritual is designed to have a very positive effect on our personal well-being and thereby promote and affirm harmony and healing states of mind. When we get stressed out, tired, maxed out and overwhelmed, we move into a lower level of function — anger, aggravation, fear, defensiveness and low self-esteem for being in such a state.

If we consciously turn within and integrate positive habits to clear, rebalance and heal ourselves, we can move our assimilating abilities “up” so we can better cope and tap into a healthy, clear flow of energy that frees our circuits from being clogged. This process helps us to feel and function better at higher levels of clarity.

Affirmations are positive statements we believe in our heart and mind to be true. When we say them with faith and conviction, affirmations help us change our lives. They act as both reminders of the goals we are working toward as well as ways of reinforcing in our unconscious minds the changes we want to make. Using affirmations can be thought of as a powerful ritual or simply a way of remembering everything we are learning.

Either way, a sincerely believed affirmation can reach our unconscious minds and help us reprogram our self-images.

To Become More Positive:

Take an orange candle and some citrus oil.

Find a quiet time and place, away from all distractions. Engrave the candle, using a pen point, with your name. While you anoint the candle with the oil, speak these words out loud or silently to yourself:

“I clear my thoughts with the light of the sun.

Let my positive spell be done.

Candle burn to strengthen my will.

This spell be cast, for good, not ill.”

Light the candle and place it in a safe place so it can burn down completely.

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