Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap — Season 3, Episode 16: “Disgrace”

Victoria enjoys the opera in Revenge Season 3, Episode 16: "Disgrace,"
Victoria enjoys the opera in Revenge Season 3, Episode 16: "Disgrace," Photo: ABC/, Anatoly Vartanov/iStock/Thinkstock, Oliver P

After last week’s slow-paced episode, get ready for an exciting hour of fake crying, new characters and “shocking” secrets unveiled.

And now we bring you — the show’s 60th episode overall — Revenge Season 3, Episode 16: “Disgrace.”

We open at the opera, and it had better be in Manhattan, because there is NO theater like this in the Hamptons. In slow motion, Emily runs down the stairs, distraught. Is she faking her distress?

36 hours earlier… at the Grayson Manse (Stevie should really get that eviction going, no?). Victoria can’t get excited about the opera, since Patrick liked it so much. Daniel stops himself from rolling his eyes and says he’s sorry she’s suffering. He gives her a little pick-me-up with the photo of Aiden and Emily’s kiss. She can’t wait to see Danny dump Emily on her ass.

Nolan gives Emily the intel on Stevie Grayson: She visited David in prison under the guise Stephanie Pruitt. Emily resolves to figure out what’s going on, and Nolan reminds her that Jack is finally starting to be happy again and to leave him alone. Emily wants Jack to stay out of it, but Nolan tells her to be careful not to hurt him again.

Montauk (well, Voulez at least). Charlotte, Voulez’s newest gossip columnist, is being gossipy with Margaux about Pascal. Margaux downplays her papa’s presence. We meet Pascal, who barely looks old enough to be Margaux’s older brother. As it turns out, Margaux had asked her dad to come to the Hamptons to fire Conrad, but he’s clearly got bigger plans.

Emily runs into Stevie, who’s with Jack. He’s not happy with Emily, noting that she just happened to run into Stevie outside an AA meeting. Jack asks her to let him have this one thing and to leave his mom out of it.

Conrad wins a round of tennis against Pascal. Take that, Huntington’s disease! Conrad wants a full-on LeMarchal/Grayson alliance, but Pascal cryptically reminds CONrad that he’s done enough for him and wants nothing to do with any of Conrad’s plans again. Victoria arrives and clearly has a past with the guy—she’s just cold enough to be flirty.

Back at the Stowaway (in the Montauk shanty town), Jack gives Margaux his best (worst) flirtatious French accent and they talk recently returned parents. Margaux is disappointed that her dad isn’t getting down to business and firing Conrad. Jack can relate—when he first started working at the bar, his dad barely let him do anything… which is totally the same thing as running a multimillion-dollar magazine.

Emily “runs into” Conrad at a bar (at the country club, I assume?). She gets him to divulge info about Stevie… apparently she tried to get him to hire her, but he “did her a favor” and said no. Sounds fishy. Back in the slums, Jack, Carl and Stevie bond. Stevie looks through a photo album of Jack and Amanda and mentions she once visited David in prison. Jack immediately asks her to drop it. Stevie then sees a photo of Emily and Amanda and a light bulb goes off after two seconds as she discovers there must be a David Clarke connection.

Emily returns to the mansion and is greeted by Marta the maid, who says her presence is requested in the study. Daniel and Victoria giddily show Ems the incriminating photo and she says it doesn’t prove full-on adultery. Daniel says he’ll take her to court and Emily puts on her best teary face, weepily saying that she found comfort in Aiden’s arms after her husband shot her and forced her to frame Lydia Davis. She then smiles and tells them that’s just a preview of her testimony. Daniel gets up to lunge, but Victoria stops.

Emily and Noles hang out at the beach house. She’s frustrated about not knowing she was being followed, due to the blackouts. Stevie knocks on the door and asks who Emily really is. Emily explains that Amanda was like a sister to her and she wants David to have justice. Stevie tells her that she believes David was innocent and she visited him in prison, but soon after she was pulled over for drunk driving and arrested. She believes it was Conrad’s doing

Nolan has an intruder and attacks him, but then realizes he’s Javier, a sexy friend from prison (and a convenient Latino addition to this lily-white cast). He is also a computer genius, but got caught hacking into the NSA. Nolan says Javier can stay with him until he finds a new place.

Victoria talks to Brooks, the PI from last week, and is interrupted by Pascal, who has a dress for her from Dolce & Gabanna. She refuses to be Pascal’s date but accepts the gown.

Stevie thinks Jack should fight for David with Emily and reveals she apparently received a suspicious piece of evidence, but it was confiscated after she got disbarred. Cut to Jack and Nolan in an elevator. Nolan hacks Jack’s phone to get him admission to the archives room of Stevie’s old law office. Turns out there’s no dates on any of the files. DAMN. Nolan BSes with the lawyers, claiming to want to hire them for patent law, and then gets an emergency text from Jack. He has Javier call Jack and help him— apparently, he’s a genius.

Margaux interrupts a meeting between Conrad and Pascal and tells Pascal to get out—turns out Pascal has been using Voulez as a quarterly write-off and has only let his daughter think the Montauk-based society mag has been making money. After she storms off in a melodramatic French manner, we get another cryptic conversation about “the past” from Conrad and Pascal.

Jack begs Emily to let Stevie help, but she refuses. He leaves the evidence with her. Meanwhile, Victoria tells Daniel that Aiden’s in Bermuda. After three seasons, Victoria is finally putting together Emily’s connection to David Clarke. This can only mean one thing: It’s all a trap planted by Emily.

At the beach house, Emily’s pissed at Nolan for helping Jack. She is impressed with Javier once she opens the drive Jack stole. The evidence (which we don’t see) shows Emily her next takedown.

Emily Opera Meme Revenge Episode 16 Season 3
Photo: ABC

The opera. It’s got to be Manhattan, since there isn’t any giant Lincoln Center-style theater in the Hamptons. Emily greets Charlotte, who introduces her to Pascal. The French mogul then approaches Victoria, who snubs him. Jack introduces Margaux to Stevie, then Margaux introduces Jack to Pascal. Margaux’s still angry at Pascal and goes to Daniel to ask if he’s interested in taking down their dads.

As the opera goes on (and the soap opera continues), Charlotte gets a text from the Voulez tipline. It’s the test that shows that Emily was never pregnant. Victoria (uncharacteristically) loudly confronts Emily and chases her out of the theater, where they have a melodramatic public argument. Emily runs out of the building as paparazzi photograph her.

The next day, Emily has packed her things and leaves after Victoria tells her nobody will believe her story if she accuses Daniel of shooting her. After Ems leaves, Victoria admits she didn’t leak the medical records.

Nolan tells Javier he’s got go, but Javier can’t leave—he gave his parole officer the address, so he’s on house arrest there. Nolan changes his mind after Javier shows him an idea for a web aggregator (scribbled on a pizza box). He agrees to let the hot ex-con stay a little longer.

Emily is greeted by Jack at the beach house. She admits that she leaked her own medical records to make the Graysons think they won. Emily shows him the contents of the drive he stole. It’s an image of a letter addressed to Conrad saying that “DC” was taken care of. There’s also a mention of “TWM,” which Emily can’t decipher. However, she shows Jack a letter she received before the wedding—a personal note sent by Pascal saying he couldn’t make the wedding. “Shockingly,” the handwriting matches. Jack makes Emily promise that Margaux won’t suffer the collateral damage, but we all know it’s inevitable…

Closing Thoughts
After last week’s touching, character-driven episode, “Disgrace” was much more classic Revenge. It was painfully obvious from the beginning that Emily planned the entire opera incident, and it was a little disappointing that she didn’t have some immediate ace up her sleeve (although she wasn’t wearing any sleeves). I’m excited that she has a new takedown target, though—Pascal’s slimy and fun. And how hot was Javier?

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