Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Essential Secret of Manifestation

Magic Hands Giving When you give, you also receive
When you give, you also receive, Photo: stevanovicigor/iStock/Thinkstock

Everyone needs a little reminder to help attract more money, security and abundance in their life. It’s these little things we often forget to do in the busy bustle of life, but it’s so important that we remember to slow down, pay attention, open our hearts and feel deserving to enjoy life to the full.

In the Universal Thought System, the primary law governing the creation of abundance is:  “Giving and Receiving are one. To give is to receive. To receive is to give.”

The law follows from a oneness that is at the core of this thought system. Counter to our thinking in the world of separation, when you give, you do not lose what you give, rather, you receive more of what you give.

If you give love, you will receive more love. If you give peace, you will receive more peace. If you give money, you will receive more money. When this is accepted as a core belief by an individual, that individual can thrive.

When we utilize this means of exchange, the Law of Attraction, it will lead us away from conflict, confusion and aggression. The true reality is based on oneness, unity and cooperation — not separation, divisiveness and competition.

Our thoughts help to create our life experiences. We all create our own journey using our thoughts. We all use the same “stuff” to create our life experiences. That “stuff” is Universal or Source energy. Our thoughts draw and shape that energy from source into myriad forms that we observe each day.

So…”think” about it!

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