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Dan’s Country, the Tribute Band

Dan’s Country, the tribute band, plays subtle mix of East End blues, with a healthy dose of old school rock and roll, combined with a folksy feeling to conjure that Hamptons State of Mind. This is a must have for all readers, and is totally unlike the other tribute bands—they’re different than anything you’ve seen or heard before. Take a look at the track list from Dan’s Country’s latest album Just Dan’s and see for yourself.

Track 1 – She Ran Away To Montauk But I Cornered Her Because She Can’t Swim
Track 2 – Old Man McGumbus Amongus
Track 3 – Player…Don’t Fear The Deer—Just The Deer Slayer
Track 4 – My Uncle Starved to Death Looking for the Hamptons Subway
Track 5 – One Hundred Forty Seven Million Dollars and I Can’t Afford a New Pair of Shoes
Track 6 – Too Many Housewives and Not Enough Love
Track 7 – Hilaria Is Hilarious With the Poses
Track 8 – Billy Joel: Master of Music and Motorcycles
Track 9 – Why Sally Flynn Can’t Move to Quogue
Track 10 – He Stopped Loving Her Today…and Took Up With an 18-Year-Old Model from East Hampton
Track 11 – I Don’t Mind the Traffic—It’s All Them Damn Cars
Track 12 – Derwood Hodgegrass Can Kiss My Poor Ass

Band Update: As of press time, Just Dan’s album sales have been discontinued. A representative for Dan’s Country indicated they had received several death threats related to the spurious intimations in the song “Old Man McGumbus Amongus.”

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