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Here’s a logistical problem for you. Say you’re building a new, custom-designed house, and you have an interior decorator helping you to fill the house with beautiful furniture. Sounds like fun, but what happens when trucks start arriving at unpredictable times, day and night, to deliver that furniture? What if, in the midst of this flurry of deliveries, there’s a mistake, and you get a mauve loveseat instead of the pink one ordered? And what about those items that arrive bearing those dreaded words “some assembly required?”

Despatch of Southampton is one company that has a remedy for these potential nightmares. In the moving and storage business in Southampton since 1910, Despatch offers what are called “designer services.” These are a series of services primarily designed to streamline the delivery of newly purchased furnishings for new houses.

Karen Denniston of Despatch explains how it works. “An interior designer sets up an account with Despatch,” she says, “and when the designer buys furniture it is shipped here.” That’s instead of shipping it to the new house, which might still be under construction and not ready to receive the pieces. “Despatch stores the furniture in our warehouses until the house is completed, and then we move everything in at once.” This relieves the designer or homeowner from dealing with the chaos of accepting deliveries at all hours, and also makes it possible to furnish the completed home very quickly. No more danger of moving into an empty house.

Along with this, Despatch also offers an inventory service. “We can open and inspect each piece,” Denniston explains, “and take a picture so that clients can go online and view what has been delivered.” So if the color is wrong, the client can find out before the piece shows up on the doorstep. If a piece isn’t what was ordered, or if it arrives damaged, Despatch will take care of returns and replacements.

Finally, when the house is ready and it’s time to furnish it, Despatch can do a full service move in. “Our expert staff will unwrap, assemble and set up every piece where the client wants it to go,” Denniston says. So not only can you look forward to moving into a fully furnished new home with everything right where you want it, but you can also feel free to order “some assembly required” pieces and not have to worry about your poor Allen wrench skills becoming an issue.

Despatch can offer similar services to clients who are renovating buildings as well. Say you’re renovating your home, and there’s going to be flying plaster and sawdust everywhere. Where do you put all of those priceless antiques, artworks and the grand piano while the hardhats go about their work? Despatch can carefully pack it all up and store it for you. They’ve often provided this service for hotels and resorts when they’ve undergone refurbishing.

“We recently helped Gurney’s Montauk while they were doing their renovations,” Denniston mentions. Despatch maintains immaculate, climate-controlled warehouses so that clients can be assured that their valuable pieces will remain clean and unaffected by mold, mildew or damage from temperature swings.

So Despatch of Southampton is a moving and storage company that can solve a lot of issues confronting the homebuilder and renovator. Of course, they also handle the ordinary moving and storage needs, arranging and performing moves locally, nationally and even internationally. Then there’s always the conundrum of the multiple homeowner—that is, you have that one priceless painting or sculpture, and you’d like to have it in both your city home and your East End place. After all, if it’s beautiful, shouldn’t you have the pleasure of looking at it every day? Despatch can come to the rescue here as well, as it offers a weekly transport between the Hamptons and New York City for those special items you don’t want to be without.

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