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Why Can’t We Have Scented Sand in the Hamptons?

When you live in an area that is known for its mega mansions, the ultra-rich and ultra-famous, it is reasonable to expect the best of the best of everything. And though the beaches of the Hamptons are some of the finest in the world, are they really all they could be?

It seems no matter how diligent we are about keeping our beaches as clean and pristine as possible, the hint of several unappealing smells always creeps in. Odors might include rotting seaweed, dead fish or even the simple hint of off-brand suntan lotion or sweat emanating from a person of a lower social class. I have even had occasion to smell a poopy baby diaper this summer.

These conditions can ruin what could otherwise be a very pleasant and relaxing day at the beach. They could also devalue real estate in the Hamptons.

So what’s the solution? Could it be scented sand?

Can you imagine how nice it would be to lay face down on your beach towel and smell the sweet scent of lilac or lavender? If they can make scented candles, scented potpourri and scented air fresheners—why not integrate scented pellets with our existing beach sand? These pellets, containing a highly concentrated form of various aromas could elevate the Hamptons to the highest level of prominence.

Unless we want to be considered in the same class as the Jersey Shore, we need to immediately shift our focus and attention to the issue of our smelly beaches. Perhaps we can redirect the funds allocated for Hamptons road upkeep, windmill and lighthouse preservation, and deer management and put them into something more important—scented sand?

How sweet would that be!

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