Photos: ‘Innocence’ Premieres at Coopers Beach

Teddy (Thaddeus) Bensimon, Sophie Curtis, Kelly Bensimon
Teddy (Thaddeus) Bensimon, Sophie Curtis, and Kelly Bensimon. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan

On Saturday, August 16, Talent Resources held a an outdoor drive-in film premiere of Innocence at Coopers Beach in Southampton Village.

The film, starring Kelly Reilly and Sophie Curtis, was produced by Sophie’s father Ron Curtis, along with Jane Mendelsohn and Pam Koffler, and directed by Hilary Brougher.

The star-studded event was a big success and felt like a true drive-in like the old days. Held at a parking lot next to the Meadow Lane beach, people turned up early to secure the best spot in front of a 50-foot blow up screen. Stars of the film and guests gathered to enjoy a BBQ with award-winning gourmet burgers by the East Village’s Whitman’s Restaurant and L’alpina Artesian Water on a perfectly serene Hamptons’ evening. People watched the film on top of their cars with blankets, while others opted to stay in their cars and listen to the sound via FM radio. Massachusetts-based Corn and Co. provided the popcorn, with creative flavors ranging from kettle corn to dill pickle and Thai chili.

Guests included: Ron Curtis (Executive Producer “Innocence”); Mike Heller (Talent Resources); Kelly Bensimon of Real Housewives of New York City; Sophie Curtis (“Innocence” actress, “Arbitrage”); Jill Stuart (fashion designer); Kelly Reilly (actress, “Black Box”); Zach Erdem (owner of 75 Main Restaurant); Rachel Heller (actress); and Jill Zarin (former star of “Real Housewives of New York City”) and husband Bobby Zarin. Others included Greg Benin (Corn & Company); Chris Benz (fashion designer); Nick Raynes (producer); Kelly Bensimon’s daughter Thaddeus Bensimon; Cornelia Sharpe, Brad and Tatiana Marx, Cornelia Bregman, Alfred Culbreth (CEO American Premium Water Corp); Mark Rockefeller (Entrepreneur); and Dan Baker Jr.

Innocence is a chilling allegory of the precarious state of an American teenager. It explores themes of loss, the human condition and a society torn between purity and narcissism. It portrays 16-year-old Beckett Warner, played by Curtis, who is haunted by dreams of her beloved mother, played by Bensimon, who has died in a Montauk surfing accident. Beckett and her father, novelist Miles Warner, played by Linus Roche, move to Manhattan and attempt to piece together their shattered life.

Once Beckett is enrolled at an exclusive Hamilton preparatory school, her psychosis and hallucinations intensify with the dubious suicides of current and past students as does her first love for Tobey Crawford, played by Graham Phillips. The discovery that her new school may be run by a coven of beautiful and seductive women, including Pamela Hamilton, played by Reilly, who perpetuate their youth by drinking the blood of virgins becomes the ultimate challenge of Beckett and Tobey’s young lives.

Innocence”also stars Perrey Reeves, East Hampton’s Stephanie March and Liya Kibede.

Jill Zarin, Zach Erdem, Matea Brozincebic
Jill Zarin, Zach Erdem, Matea Brozincebic. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan
Larry Kramer, Jill Zarin
Larry Kramer and Jill Zarin. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan
Rachel Heller, Sophie Curtis
Rachel Heller and Sophie Curtis. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan
Jill Stewart, Michael Heller, Sophie Curtis
Jill Stewart, Michael Heller, Sophie Curtis. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan
Tilly Moross, Celina Dubin
Tilly Moross and Celina Dubin. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan
Lindsey Metselaar, Lily Fraser, Kate Fraser
Lindsey Metselaar, Lily Fraser and Kate Fraser. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan
Michael Heller, Alfred Culbreth
Michael Heller and Alfred Culbreth. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan
Charlie Pardoe, Jeff Banastey, Andy Lack
Charlie Pardoe, Jeff Banastey and Andy Lack. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan
Jake Moross, Celina Dubin
Jake Moross and Celina Dubin. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan

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