Breaking News: Piping Plover Mystery Solved in the Hamptons

A piping plover docent counsels a distraught youngster
A piping plover docent counsels a distraught youngster, Photos: SteveByland, Yael Weiss/iStock/Thinkstock

On August 25, the fencing protecting piping plover nests and blocking much of Atlantic Avenue Beach in Amagansett was finally removed.

Plovers nest in April, the hatching is in June and the babies fly off on their own by July 15. Why didn’t we get our beach back?

We spoke to the Piping Plover Commissioner. The delay was not because his staff was short-handed. There had been a domestic dispute in the nest, another woman, a broken marriage, and the little chicks, distraught, were receiving counseling assistance from the piping plover docents on his staff.  There are many other endangered species that nest on our beaches.

Plover fencing is such a success. Fencing will protect not only plovers but endangered bugs, clams, eels and butterfly nests here next summer.

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