10 Awesome Dog Halloween Costumes

Does your dog need a costume this Halloween? Fear not, we have you covered
Does your dog need a costume this Halloween? Fear not, we have you covered. Photo: iStock/Thinkstock

The Hamptons has long been a favorite locale for dog lovers, so it should be no surprise that local pooches will be out and about, and in costume, this Halloween.

Sadly, our four-legged friends have difficulty dressing themselves, let alone opening a wallet or purse, so it’s up to owners to buy the right gear and make the transformations for them. As always, DansPapers.com recognizes the region’s most important needs, and we’re prepared to help. Remember, Halloween is around the corner, so enjoy these dog costuming tips, delivered in the knick of time, and make the magic happen!

Chia Pet dog Halloween costume
Photo: iStock/Thinkstock

1. Chia Dog
What could be more perfect for your favorite pet than to become America’s favorite pet? With a little orange felt and some plastic, or real, foliage, Fido will be singing Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! in no time. Now watch people’s admiration grow!

Where's Waldo? dog Halloween costume

2. Woof Waldo
Can you see him? Did the scarf give it away? As demonstrated above, with just a red and white scarf and hat, your pup will blend into any crowd. This fabulous Where’s Waldo? costume will finally give bowser an opportunity to celebrate his favorite books. Just don’t lose him in the trick-or-treating melee—he won’t be easy to find.

Weiner poodle hot dog Halloween costume
Join the hot dog costume revolution, but wear it right…ok, Sandy? iStock/Thinkstock

3. Hot Dogs Aren’t Just for Wieners Anymore
Do your furry friend a favor and prove that dachshunds aren’t the only hot dogs in the costume game. Sure, wiener dogs are long, brown and shiny like a freshly boiled Ballpark, but there’s no reason why poodles, beagles and bull mastiffs can’t enjoy a night between the buns. Be part of this costume revolution and show the world that you and your pup won’t be held down by stereotypes. But make sure to wear it right (on the back, dummy) or this experiment will be an embarrassment for all of us.

Ninja dog Halloween costume
Strike fear in your enemies with this ninja costume! iStock/Thinkstock

4. Go Ninja Go
Sometimes a costume sets free that fearsome alter ego within us. The same goes for our dogs. A little black gi, some throwing stars and a deadly katana will make any pup look and feel like Japan’s most deadly assassin. See? For extra points, pick up some green paint, a shell and a Renaissance artist’s name.

Human baby dog Halloween costume
Photo: iStock/Thinkstock

5. Barking Baby
As seen above, one realistic baby mask is all you need to flip the script and allow your best friend to enjoy Halloween as an attention-stealing infant. With this simple addition to his already cute exterior, Rex goes from cute dog to cute baby dressed as a cute dog! What could be better? Now cuddle.

Sherlock Holmes dog Halloween costume

6. Sherlock Bones
Your dog already believes he’s smarter than you and every other biped in his life, so why not dress him as the world’s smartest detective? A deerstalker cap and magnifying glass are perfect accessories to bring this genius look to life. If only he had thumbs…

Bulldog backpack dog Halloween costume

7. Pack o’ Shame
Lucky already begs and eats like a food-obsessed pig, and the costume should fit the dog, right? Match his swine-like behavior in kind and dress him as your neighbor’s fat son Derek! Oink oink.

Glasses dog Halloween costume

8. She’s All That
If your pampered pooch wants to keep things simple, nothing says beautiful Halloween heroine like a pair of reading glasses. Put them on and no one will notice her flaxen hair and inner canine beauty. Then, after a night of playing the nerdy—and totally ugly—wallflower, remove the rims and reveal the astonishing beauty beneath! To really turn heads, add and then remove a ponytail. Breathtaking.

Super Dog dog Halloween costume

9. Super Dog
Nothing says love like completely anthropomorphizing your pet. Strap on this superhero costume and show Bowser that true heroes walk on two legs, with creepily tiny arms. And a cape. Of course.

Thong Dog dog Halloween costume

10. Bad Bitch
Daisy Dukes, a tube top and an alluring pink thong strap will make your dog the bad bitch you’ve always known her to be. Now take her out on Halloween night and tell everyone you meet that Lucy is indeed a bad bitch—the baddest bitch around, in fact. See what you did there? She’s a female dog and you called her a bitch. All night. And no one could say boo, because she is, in the truest sense of the word, a bitch. Isn’t this fun?

Share your favorite dog Halloween costumes in the comments below!

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