Alec Baldwin, Neighbors Fight to Protect Amagansett Aquifer

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin. Credit: barry gordin

Alec Baldwin, his Amagansett neighbors and a coalition of environmental advocates are fighting to protect the Stony Hill aquifer, a deep water recharge area said to be vital to the drinking water supply.

Amagansett, Springs and half of Montauk rely on the aquifer, according to Group for the East End, an environmental advocacy nonprofit.

While Stony Hill has been an area of concern for years, the present matter at hand is over three lots totaling 7.2 acres that East Hampton Town was prepared to purchase utilizing the Community Preservation Fund, reports.  The town approved purchasing the three lots for $3.6 million—well below market value—but now the purchase is on hold as the previous owner of two of the three lots is exercising right of first refusal.

Advocates are asking the previous owners to waive the right of first refusal to enable the CPF purchase to go forward as planned.

Baldwin has joined the board of Amagansett Springs Aquifer Protection, a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 by Alexander Peters, and is encouraging his neighbors to join the movement to protect the water supply.

Baldwin states, “Please join your neighbors and me to help save East Hampton’s pure drinking water,” and encourages residents and taxpayers to sign a petition.

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