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East Hampton Group for Wildlife to Rally Saturday Against Weekend Deer Hunting

The East Hampton Group for Wildlife has planned a rally Saturday in front of East Hampton Town Hall to protest deer hunting on the weekends during the upcoming January firearms season.

Hunting has historically been permitted in-season on weekdays only, but a state law adopted in August allows for hunting on weekends too.

“Weekend hunting would be horrible for deer and interfere with hikers and everyone’s right to enjoy the peacefulness of nature in winter,” Group for Wildlife President Bill Crain said.

The state law also allows towns to waive the requirement for hunters to have a town permit—their state hunting permits will be sufficient. And the law allows for the use of long bows in January, in addition to shotguns and muzzle loaders.

“The Town Board hasn’t yet made a decision on weekend hunting,” Group for Wildlife stated. “It also may add bow hunting during the January season. Bow hunting is cruelest form of hunting because it so often merely wounds deer, leaving them to die slow, painful deaths in the woods.”

The rally will be held November 8 from 1 to 2 p.m. For more information, email or call 845-724-5138.

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