Top 5 Reasons Revenge Fans Should Be Thankful

It's a very special Revenge Thanksgiving
It's a very special Revenge Thanksgiving! Photos: ABC, Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Thinkstock

Happy Thanksgiving, Revenge fans! While you enjoy spending time with your family—or getting revenge on them, a la Victoria’s takedown of her mother in Season 2—take a look at five reasons we’re thankful for Revenge Season 4, in spite of any inherent flaws.

1. Victoria and Emily are front and center – This show always works best when these two powerhouse women are at each other’s throats, and bringing back David Clarke has only opened up a new set of battles in their never ending war. The gloves came off when Victoria learned that Emily was faking a pregnancy, but when Vic killed Aiden, the claws came out. We aren’t sure who is going to emerge the winner in the battle for David’s heart and soul, but it’s going to be fun getting there!

2. Louise, Louise, Louise  This kooky heiress is like a character who escaped from a Tennessee Williams play and stumbled onto the set of Dynasty. From her obsession with Victoria to arguing with her cruel imaginary momma, we can’t take our eyes off this crazy lady. And now that she’s met Nolan, it’s only a matter of time before things get even more out of control.

3. All that eye candy – Revenge found its inner soap opera last year when it started gratuitously flaunting its studly male cast in various states of undress, and this year we’re getting even more, thanks to Jack and his new cop friends in the locker room at the precinct. Even Daniel got in on the fun in that sexy shower scene with Louise.

4. Less dead weight – We’re not 100 percent sold on the direction of the show this year, but with Charlotte in rehab and Aiden six feet under, more time is being spent on compelling, interesting characters. We could do without Ben and Margaux (who went from lovely to infuriating in the span of an episode last year), but we tune in to see Emily, Victoria, Nolan and all the other core faux-Hamptonites, and for the most part, that’s what we’re getting.

5. Epic WTF?! moments – Victoria strolls out of the mental hospital with a pink umbrella as sprinkler-induced chaos ensues. David takes down Nolan on live TV. Louise locks Margaux in the steam room after being chastised by her imaginary mother. Emily jumps out from under Victoria’s hospital bed to save David from thugs. All of these moments stretch the show’s credibility, but they’re great fun to watch.

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