East End Editions: Epic Gifts for Local Art Lovers

Art Donovan's Steampunk Craniometer Cufflinks
Art Donovan's Steampunk Craniometer Cufflinks

Christmas draws ever closer and Chanukkah is just days away, so now is the time to procure that perfect gift. Don’t worry, DansPapers.com is here to help.

While buying someone an original piece of art is always a great way to go, it’s a bit difficult to suggest anything beyond the artists who make them. For that reason, today’s guide looks at five cool gifts produced by local artists, in editions large enough to accommodate a greater demand.

Art Donovan Steampunk Craniometer Cufflinks
Art Donovan’s Steampunk Craniometer Cufflinks

1. Steampunk Craniometer Cufflinks by Art Donovan
These unique, limited edition cufflinks are made by Southampton artist and lighting designer Art Donovan—known worldwide as one of the godfathers of the popular “steampunk” art and design movement. Donovan has written two books on the subject and curated several shows, including groundbreaking exhibitions in Oxford, England and, more recently, Seoul, Korea. Donovan’s own steampunk works fuse the Victorian aesthetic with futuristic and technological elements, as defined by the genre. Based on his striking “Shiva Mandela” wall piece, these cufflinks are a perfect way to own one of Donovan’s  marvels for just $179 and show off some edgy style at the office or any formal affair. Available directly from the artist. Call 631-283-8175 or email [email protected].

Napeague Meadow Road by Grant Haffner
Napeague Meadow Road by Grant Haffner

2. Napeague Meadow Road by Grant Haffner
North Haven painter Grant Haffner, a multiple Dan’s Papers cover artist, has been gathering steam as one of the East End’s most promising young artists, but he hasn’t forgotten to make work that’s accessible to anyone’s budget. His images of local highways and byways, and often the utility poles that line them, are masterful and dynamic landscapes full of color and movement. This signed archival giclee print of an original painting “Napeague Meadow Road” is 14 x 14 inches and part of an edition of 60 for just $50. It is one of seven prints (in 12-, 14- and 16-inch squares) the artist currently has available through The Sebastian Foster Gallery in Austin, Texas, at sebastianfoster.com. The prints can also be purchased locally (but not shipped) directly from Haffner by contacting him via his website, granthaffner.com.

House of the Whale by Scott Bluedorn
House of the Whale by Scott Bluedorn, scottbluedorn.com

3. “House of the Whale” by Scott Bluedorn
This print by East Hampton artist Scott Bluedorn is wonderfully imaginative and surreal, while remaining rooted in local history and tradition. Whaling and art will forever be part of the East End fabric, and “House of the Whale” is one of those magical pieces no one forgets. It was even a Dan’s Papers cover this year! Bluedorn is an accomplished multi-media artist on the rise and, at $150, a print from this small edition of 50 will surely be worth the investment. Each faithful reproduction of the artist’s original pen and ink drawing is 12 x 16 inches and signed by Bluedorn on quality paper. Pick one up at scottbluedorn.com before the edition is gone.

Carly Haffner coloring book
Carly Haffner’s limited edition Coloring Book

4. Coloring Book by Carly Haffner
A great treat for kids, artful adults or collectors who have everything, this limited edition coloring book by Sag Harbor artist Carly Haffner oozes with childlike joy and whimsey. Designed after a classic composition book, with hand-drawn flair in dazzling pink, the coloring book features 21 loose, fun drawings of Haffner’s signature characters and scenes that can actually be colored, or simply enjoyed as they are presented. The book has wide appeal and, like Haffner’s paintings and sculpture, will be enjoyed by sophisticated art lovers and/or anyone with a sense of humor and wit. The edition is limited to 100 books and available for $30, alongside the artist’s miniature trash bags and traffic cone sets ($10), through the shop at haffnervision.com.

Instaframe Instagram Hampton Photo Arts
Try Instaframe at Hampton Photo Arts (Instagram pics by Dan’s Papers and Oliver Peterson)

5. Instaframe by You, Him or Her
If you really want to be daring, try printing your own art, or that of you giftee through the magic of Instaframe at Hampton Photo Arts in Bridgehampton. This fast and easy process will bring your favorite photos from Instagram out of your phone or tablet and into frames just in time for the holidays. Find your or your giftee’s favorite moments and/or most artful compositions and present them on the wall. Mention the special DansPapers.com reader price and each 8 x 8 inch picture will cost just $15 to print and frame. Imagine the compositions you could make by combining multiple framed images from this once virtual-only format! Order at Hampton Photo Arts in the Bridgehampton Commons or call them at 631-573-7373. hamptonphotoarts.com

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