Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Temple of the Sacred Fire

Temple of the Sacred Fire, Art by Amy Zerner
Temple of the Sacred Fire, Art by Amy Zerner

Upon the alter at the heart of this temple burns the Ever-new Flame of Becoming.

Becoming is another way of saying “coming into being,” the essence of fire. It is in the explosive spark that signals the arrival of energy from its unmanifested form, potential energy, into manifestation. The purple spark we see at the center of the roaring Flame of Becoming represents the heat and light that accompanies all of creation as it passes from an unmanifested idea and springs into life.

Fire is the essence of creativity, the production of something that has never been before in your experience. In fact, another esoteric meaning of fire is the desire that burns within us all. Before anything can be created, first must come the desire to see it materialized. The ability to visualize our desires and make them real is one of the basic meanings of spirituality. We become more spiritual the more we realize that the source of all experience is beyond the physical plane.

Fire represents the interface between the spiritual and the physical plane.

The ascending jagged sine waves of brilliant color symbolize the invisible, yet boundless energy that permeates Heaven and Earth, connecting them with a common destiny. In the outer chambers of the temple are burning braziers. On the right, a newly re-born phoenix bird rises out of the ashes of the flame that has consumed its old body. This symbolizes fire’s ability to transform. The smoke from the brazier that smolders to the left of the alter seems to obscure a ghost-like figure that flies through it.

Though we usually think of fire as producing heat and light, it also produces smoke that can conceal by not allowing the light to pass. The ancient sages knew all too well that all the magnificence of creation was Maya, their word for illusion. Did they possess the knowledge of Einstein’s theory of relativity and know that on the subatomic level everything is all made of the same pure energy?

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