Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Revenge Fans

Revenge Christmas gifts
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This is the season for giving and there are plenty of goodies out there for you or your favorite Revenge fan. Here are five (or six) of our favorites.

Revenge Double Infinity Tattoo by happytats
happytats on

5. Double Infinity Temporary Tattoos
These fun little tattoos by can make you look and feel like Emily Thorne without the commitment, and likely regret, of actual ink. They’re available in sets of three fro just $6 through happytats on Click here to buy!

Grayson Global gym bag
ABC Shop at

4. Grayson Global Gym Bag
Keep your exercise gear in this Grayson Global gym bag and you’ll quickly learn who is in-the-know wherever you work out. This gift is for true Revenge fans. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to be part of the most powerful family in the Hamptons? Oh, wait, they’re all dead, disgraced or in rehab… Available for $19.95 through the official ABC store on Click here to buy!

Nolcorp mug
ABC Shop at

3. Nolcorp Mug
Much like the Grayson Global bag, this Nolcorp mug will only be amusing to those who really know their Revenge facts, only now they’ll know you’re siding with the good guys—if anyone can actually be considered “good” in the faux Hamptons. Either way, this 15 oz. mug is so much cooler than drinking from something with a simple Revenge logo, right? Available for $16.50 at the official ABC store on Click here to buy!

Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne
Marvel Comics via

2. Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne
Co-written by series writer Ted Sullivan, this Marvel Comics graphic novel tells Emily Thorne’s origin story, including her training in Japan and her first mission in Geneva, where she gathers vital intel about her past and battles a villain with ties to the family that destroyed her family. Hardcover available for $18.62 on Click here to buy!

Revenge Double Infinity Jewelry Box
Helzberg Diamonds at

1. Double Infinity Jewelry Box
There are a few of these out there, including one in the ABC store, but this semi-replica of Emily Thorne’s famous Double Infinity Box (where she keeps all her secrets) is the best on the mass market. Crafted from antiqued walnut wood, the box features a double infinity symbol on the top, a linen interior, removable tray and a silver lock and key. If you really want to make it perfect, also include a red sharpie ($6.25 on Amazon)! Available for $69.99 from Helzberg Diamonds. Click here to buy!

BONUS GIFT (because we couldn’t resist):

Nolan Mugshot T-Shirt
What else needs to be said, really? We love Nolan. Everyone loves Nolan. Available in various colors and styles from $19.99–$31.69 at the official ABC store on Click here to buy!

Nolan mug shot Tshirt
ABC Shop at

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