Weekly Hamptons Revenge Recap – Season 4, Episode 9: “Intel”

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Emily and Ben get to know a magic squirrel in Revenge Season 4, Episode 9: "Intel," Photo: ABC/Danny Feld and zhev, marigold_88/iStock/Thinkstock and Oliver Peterson

A quick note before we begin: You know the police chief, Jack and Ben’s boss, who also knows Victoria–the one we’ve BARELY mentioned? He has a name, Edward Alvarez, and happens to have a massive connection to the plot. Sorry about that, folks! I’ll try to do a better job distinguishing extras from characters who appear to be extras…

And now, Revenge, Season 4, Episode 9: “Intel”…

As we open, Emily continues to torture the thug who tried to kill David. Just as she prepares to brand him with a fire poker (!), there’s a knock on the door. She runs upstairs and opens the door to find Ben! Emily is afraid he’s there to arrest her, but instead he asks her out. She notes that it’s really late and gives him a moment, but turns down his date offer.

Jack and FBI Agent Kate are about to make out after a long night at the bar, but she gets a call that David was attacked at the hospital.

At the beach house, David and Victoria are questioned by Police Chief Alvarez, who is “impressed” with David’s apparent combat prowess. After he leaves, Victoria and David resolve to get through their problems.

Meanwhile, Emily resumes her torture session. As she strangles the thug with a chain (!!), he chokes (literally) that his partner, Pete Dunn, is the one who talks to the person who hired them.

Jack and Kate get to the police station to question Pete Dunn, who was arrested on suspicion of attacking David. Unfortunately, he has hanged himself in the interrogation room. Say what?!

Nolan and Louise hang out (see what I did there?) at the country club. They drink bloody marys and talk about Louise being institutionalized. She makes light of it, but Louise mentions that she and her father were close. Nolan remembers the newspaper said her father drank himself to death. Louise buckles and runs off for a facial.

Jack tells Emily about Pete Dunn’s suicide, and he is livid to learn that Emily was there during David’s attack, but didn’t go to the cops.

Margaux calls Nolan for an update on his digging into Louise’s past. She gets to the office and finds Daniel waiting with breakfast. He again tries to apologize to her for sleeping with Louise. “I need a man who doesn’t make rash decisions,” Margaux sighs, dismissing the dunce.

David apologizes to Nolan, who is still sore about being humiliated on live TV. Nolan calls David out on lying about his where he was for all these years but assures David he’ll always look out for Emily.

Daniel pays Victoria a visit. He asks her why the Suffolk County Police Department is watching outside. Victoria asks Daniel to help her rebuild her life—she’s even willing to make amends with Emily (did I miss a pig flying in the background?), but Daniel reminds his mom that her entire relationship with David is based on a lie. Daniel mentions that he talked to Emily recently, and Victoria sighs, saying she’s lost everybody to Em.

Emily is horrified to find that her hostage has escaped and is nowhere to be found. She confronts Nolan, who admits that he freed him. He refuses to continue helping Emily with her insanity.

On the beach, Victoria approaches David, who, in the most pivotal development of the evening, has shaved! Victoria asks David if Emily was in the hospital during the attack, but he lies and asks her to stay out of it.

Kate suggests they question Emily Thorne about the David Clarke insanity, but Jack shoots down the idea and Kate shrugs it off, because FBI agents take advice from beat cops.

Emily meets with Ben at a local bar (RIP, Stowaway) to “hang out” (with an ulterior motive, probably). Ben wants to know more about Emily and challenges her to a game of darts. She is, of course, better than him at every bar game in existence.

Hamptons Note: Murf’s in Sag Harbor has darts. And we’ll bet Emily would also be quite adept at the Murf’s ring toss—even better than Jimmy Fallon.

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Photo: ABC/Danny Feld

Victoria meets with Alvarez, who suggests she stay away from David. He offers to help her, but when she declines, he makes a veiled threat that she wouldn’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nolan meets up with Louise. She heard from her brother that LeMarchal Media called him asking about their father. She’s hurt and confused because Nolan had to have tipped them off. Nolan apologizes, but she can’t believe how cruel he could be and storms off. Seriously, you guys? On the Revenge cruelty scale this one barely registers.

At the beach house, David and Victoria argue about his lies. Victoria tells David that she’s never stopped trusting him and that she loves him and that she wants to run away with him. He has packed his things and walks out.

At the nameless bar, Ben and Emily continue to bond. Ben mentions having an ex-wife who was using him to escape her past (this is what folks in the biz call “foreshadowing”). Ben also mentions that Alvarez was his mentor in New Jersey, and that he followed Alvarez to the Hamptons to work with him after Alvarez got written up (wrongly, Ben assumes) for suspicion of shady dealings. Emily wisely doesn’t pry too obviously, but when Ben leans in to kiss her, she pulls away. He goes to pay the tab and calls it a night.

Jack and Kate continue their flirtation. I really hope she’s playing him. She asks him to have a drink with her, but he declines. She tells him to live a little.

In a darkened room, David finds a safe and flashes back to when he and Victoria were going to run away together and she stashed $5 million for their escape. David remembers the combination and places a flash drive there for “safe” keeping.

David comes to Nolan asking for help. He tells Nolan that Malcolm Black, an international crime magnate from Canada, held him hostage and threatened to kill Fauxmanda. Nolan agrees to help David and notes that he can track the hostage he freed using nanites he left in his water. (Is Revenge looking for Season 5 to be on SyFy?)

Daniel runs into Emily at another nameless bar. She tells him to get lost, but he says he’s figured out why they never worked—they’re too similar. Daniel tells Emily about his Margaux problems, and she reminds him they’re not friends and she doesn’t care. He responds that Emily looks pretty, which means she’s up to something. (This relationship is shaping up to be the most interesting thing on the show. Let’s hope the writers explore it.)

David meets up with Emily’s freed (and nanobot infused) hostage and asks him to deliver a message to Malcolm Black. Victoria, meanwhile, meets up with her nameless (I’m assuming, but I could be wrong!) henchman, who tells her about Malcolm Black. She gives him a picture of Emily and tells him to warn Malcolm Black that she’s the real Amanda! In case we haven’t been made aware, Malcolm Black is clearly this season’s Initiative.

Nolan tells Margaux he’s done helping her—Louise didn’t deserve it. She warns him that she won’t fix his reputation, but Nolan doesn’t care, so long as he has his friends. Margaux angrily calls her editorial staff and tells them to run the story even if they aren’t sure about the facts (“That’s what retractions are for, no?”). Daniel interrupts Margaux and declares his love, but she loses it and tells him to leave. When he asks why she won’t forgive him, Margaux screams, “Because I’m pregnant!”

Emily finds Ben shooting hoops in a playground. She apologizes and admits she wanted intel on Alvarez. Ben shrugs—he can tell Emily’s closed off but he likes her and isn’t angry. After she shows him that she’s better at basketball than he is, they agree to go on a date, just as soon as they discuss Alvarez. Ben assures Emily that Alvarez couldn’t have killed Pete Dunn at the police station, since he was at the beach house talking to David. Whoever killed Pete Dunn would have to have been at the station and had access to the interrogation room.

Cut to FBI Kate’s hotel room. She gets room service, which turns out to be an envelope with Emily’s photo. She’s working for Malcolm Black! She quickly hides the photo when Jack shows up for a late-night booty call…

Closing Thoughts: Well, that was quite an episode. Introducing one-note villains and mysteries no one cares about is so Season 2. Let’s hope this gets wrapped up quickly so we can focus on more compelling drama—like this new, more honest and growing relationship between Daniel and Emily. And what about Charlotte? Will she return? Previews for next week indicate a major character death. Can anyone guess who bites the bullet?

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