Are They Joking? Kanye West Fans Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney Is

Newcoming Paul McCartney and music legend Kanye West.
Newcoming Paul McCartney and music legend Kanye West. Photos credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Thinkstock

On New Year’s Eve, Kanye West released “Only One,” a ballad with Amagansett’s Paul McCartney on keyboard—and a number of people tweeted in response that West just did McCartney a huge favor.

The song plays automatically when visiting West’s website,, and the handwritten lyrics are posted there too. Rolling Stone reports it is just the first publicly available collaboration between the two artists.

Some people responded on Twitter that West “discovered” the new artist Paul McCartney, saying that McCartney is about to blow up thanks to West. These people were met with scorn from the Twitterverse, but it appears that most, if not all, of these people were joking.

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