Top 5 Poor Decisions on Revenge

Bad ideas/judgements, a la Revenge
Bad ideas/judgements, a la Revenge, Photo: ABC

The faux-Hamptonites of Revenge are always getting into trouble, and while some situations can’t be avoided, the vast majority of the crises arise thanks to the absolutely horrible decision-making of the characters. Our top five poor decisions made by characters on Revenge, and what they could have done differently.

5. Emily tosses a laptop containing proof of the Graysons’ guilt into the ocean. After Fauxmanda’s death and Aiden breaking all sorts of laws to recover Emily’s laptop—which had video footage that could put Conrad and Victoria away for life—Emily chucked the computer into the ocean, deciding her journey was never about putting people in prison. The look on Aiden’s face echoed our reactions; Emily could have won, right then and there, but instead chose to press on, making things difficult for herself and the sorry suckers who risked everything to help her.

4. Emily puts down her gun, allowing Daniel to shoot her. If Emily was planning on shooting the gun into the air on her wedding night to frame Victoria, why would she let the gun out of her sight long enough for someone else to get it? Thanks to her carelessness, the usually cunning revenger was shot, left for dead and rendered unable to conceive by the dumbest guy on the show (can we still say that about him?).

3. Fauxmanda goes back on the boat for her necklace and gets blown up. After psycho Nate Ryan attacked her and Jack aboard The Amanda on their wedding night, Fauxmanda and Emily escaped, but Fauxmanda rushes back for the friendship necklace Emily gave her and succumbs to the explosion Nate caused. We appreciate the poignant way in which Fauxmanda met her maker, but Emily should have just said, “I’ll buy you a new one tomorrow!”

2. Everyone covers up Kate’s murder, rather than informing the FBI about the dangerous Malcolm Black. Kate killed Daniel and then turned the gun on Emily, only to get shot down by Jack. When David entered with Victoria, he promptly announced that Malcolm Black would want retribution for his dead daughter. Rather than take control of the situation and inform the authorities about the convoluted situation, Jack listened to the paranoid, unreasonable David and helped dispose of Kate’s body before the rest of the police arrived. Jack was already compromised in his role as a cop, allowing Emily to get away with just about everything, but this made him the most corrupt law enforcer in history and ultimately led Malcolm Black right to the Hamptons.

1. Amanda Clarke changes her name to Emily Thorne, learns the art of revenge from a Japanese billionaire with a secret agenda, moves to Southampton and begins messing with the lives of the people she believes deserve to pay for her father’s downfall. I can’t be the only one who sees the risks here, right?

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