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As Hamptons Airport Noise Ends, Flying Cars Begin

In recent months, we have read and reported frequent updates on the East Hampton Airport and the community push to reduce noise by restricting the movements of airplanes and helicopters. Now it’s time we turn our attention to flying cars.

Flying Cars are coming to the East End whether we like it or not. A recent Forbes Online article by Eric Mack mentions three companies working on a flying cars, and it indicates that the South by Southwest company in Austin Texas intends to bring them to market sooner than later. Meanwhile, Slovakian company AeroMobil revealed its latest prototype, AeroMobil 3.0, in October, and, in America, Terrafugia is hoping to get their flying car to market this year or next. (see videos below)

By all accounts, flying cars could available at retail as early as 2017.

Given the affluence of the East End, it is only reasonable to assume that a significant number of these will be sold and driven—and flown!—right here.

But are these flying vehicles safe? Flying cars are being designed to service heavily populated urban environments. We can assume that those who operate them will not be required the same level of training as today’s commercial or recreational pilots, which doesn’t bode well for anyone.

Just take a minute and consider the incompetence of some of our local drivers—and that’s with all wheels on the ground. Add the third dimension of flight and cars could be falling out of the sky like wounded ducks. East End death and property damage will undoubtedly skyrocket if poorly trained and overzealous operators are permitted to fly these overpriced winged contraptions above our peaceful island paradise.

Worst of all, just about the time we will have effectively reduced the noise in and around East Hampton Airport—by virtue of a long and hard fought battle—it will all start over again.

Wouldn’t it seem prudent to incorporate local restrictions on flying cars now rather than waiting until they become the next big problem?

Let’s stop the madness now, before it is too late.

My name is Mr. Sneiv and I am a former pilot and I am against flying cars on the East End.

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