Baker Jean Abazis Creates Artisan Cookies

Jean Abazis, food artisan, proudly displays her cookie bouquet
Jean Abazis, food artisan, proudly displays her cookie bouquet. Photo credit: Barbara Lassen

Jean Abazis of Center Moriches combines her love of baking and her unique artistry to create one-of-a-kind, artisanal cookies. Abazis makes cookies in lots of different shapes—her favorites include cars, a map of Long Island, a windmill and a wine bottle.

Abazis began working in a bakery when she was 14 years old—she started behind the counter but soon moved on to creating chocolates, pastries and pies. Abazis eventually learned cake decorating, as well. “I was fortunate to learn about the various aspects of decorating and creating delectable treats at such a young age,” Abazis says. Abazis takes great pride in each cookie she creates, which is evident when you notice her attention to every detail.

Abazis always loved the fine arts and wanted to be an artist, but decided to focus on obtaining her nursing degree. While working as a registered nurse, she learned to balance her career with her love of baking through her hobby of creating ornate cookies.

Eight years ago Abazis was heading to Maryland to visit family for Halloween and wanted to give out special gifts when she arrived. So she baked her family custom Halloween cookies, which not only looked beautiful but also tasted delicious. Her relatives thought her cookies were amazing and believed they made for absolutely perfect gifts. They encouraged her to consider starting her own business. Abazis says that it was at this moment that she realized the positive impact her artistry and compassion had on others.

“Creating a personalized gift from the heart really feels wonderful. I think of something that would bring a smile to someone’s face and the brainstorming for the perfect cookie design begins,” Abazis says.

First, Abazis comes up with a concept for a project, and sketches the cookie’s design. She transfers that sketch onto special paper and cuts it out. It seems artistic talent runs in her family—Abazis’s father creates the custom cookie cutters to allow Abazis to bring her design to life. He can create
anything she dreams up! Then, using a secret family recipe, Abazis bakes the cookies and decorates each one by hand.

Abazis has three children—Katie, Matt and Mia. She taught all of her children to bake, but Katie is the one who really has a flair and love for baking. Abazis and her children create their cookies over the course of three days. The first day is baking day and when the cookies have cooled the first layer of icing is applied. Day two is for final decorating and day three is packaging day. Cookies are then ready for delivery to her family and friends to enjoy.

Abazis explores the internet and Pinterest for inspiration, while her cookies inspire others. She encourages those who enjoy baking to create their own cookies and take inspiration from pictures they see online or in a book. If there is a location or hobby they love, she says, “Put it on a cookie!”

Abazis would love to have a small bake shop someday where families and children could sit down to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and one (or more) of her cookie treats.

Receiving a special cookie bouquet from Abazis can bring a smile to anyone’s face. If you are interested in learning more about Abazis and her delicious treats, you can call her at 631-874-9004.

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