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Last Hamptons Snowdrift Identified!

Last week, in our article “The Last Snowdrift: Finding the Hamptons’ Last Bit of Winter,” we challenged readers to find, photograph and then date their leftover snowdrifts from winter. The last dated snowdrift would be published in the website and newspaper.

The apparent winner is the snowdrift pictured above, which was located on Buckskill Road in East Hampton and sent to us by Melissa Berger with the note that it was photographed on April 17.

If you have photographed a leftover snowdrift on a later date, please send it. The contest ends May 1. It was an awful winter. The latest snowdrift in my yard was April 9. What’s yours? Send it along to dan@danspapers.com if you have one later.

But in this one, the snowdrift appears to be a square or rectangle, sort of as if it were an assembled snowdrift. We are sending inspectors out to Buckskill Road in an attempt to determine if this is a real snowdrift or not.

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