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Stars Over Montauk Fireworks Launches Go Fund Me Campaign

The Montauk Chamber of Commerce, which puts on the Stars Over Montauk Independence Day Fireworks, has started a Go Fund Me campaign to support the 2015 edition of the annual tradition.

“The chamber launched its first Go Fund Me campaign on April 19 this year after learning that the Shelter Island fireworks organizer garnered $36,500 from its Go Fund Me campaign as of today,” says Laraine Creegan, the chamber’s executive director. “We source about half of the cost from our hotel members, however to give you an example of rising costs the fireworks cost $16,000 ten years ago, $19,000 five years ago and $23,000 today. We struggle to make up the difference from chamber resources and that means taking away from or eliminating another special event that contributes to our prime, short tourist season economy.”

To contribute to Montauk’s Go Fund Me campaign go to

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