Suffolk County Adds New Evening Bus From Orient Point to East Hampton

waiting at a bus stop
Dorling Kindersley/Thinkstock

This past weekend marked the rollout of expanded Sunday bus services and the extension of evening hours on select Suffolk County Transit routes.

The S92 bus added an additional southbound run, which now leaves the Orient Point Ferry Dock at 6:40 p.m. and arrives in East Hampton at 9:15 p.m. The S92 is the county’s second largest route by ridership. This route serves a large transit dependent population and connects Orient Point and East Hampton through Riverhead.

On April 1 the county raised bus fares by 25 cents in order to fund expanded services. The county will use the increase in fare revenue to provide a combination of additional Sunday bus routes and later evening service. The S92 fare remained the same as its rate was already 25 cents higher as part of a pilot program initiated by Legislator Jay Schneiderman which implemented Sunday service prior to the other routes.

As of April 1, year-round Sunday bus service is now being provided on the S45 and S61 bus routes. These two routes have the heaviest Monday through Sunday ridership of all Suffolk County Transit routes which do not currently have Sunday service. Evening service will now be provided on the S58 as well as the S92 bus routes. The S58 is an important east-west corridor and serves many large destinations such as the Riverhead County Center, Smith Haven Mall, Suffolk County Community College, Huntington Square Mall, and transfer points with many connections to other SCT bus routes. The S58 will gain an additional evening westbound run, which will leave the Riverhead County Center at 6:45pm, one hour later than the last westbound S58 bus currently leaves.

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