5 of the Best Burgers in the Hamptons

Who has Dan's Best of the Best burgers?
Who has Dan's Best of the Best burgers? Photo: Rena-Marie/iStock/Thinkstock

In the long list of arbitrary days declared on social media, today’s National Burger Day designation cannot be ignored. To honor this celebration of ground beefy goodness, we turn to Dan’s Papers’ Best of the Best list to run down the Hamptons’ favorite hamburgers. Of course, we also look to you, our readers, so please leave a comment and tell us who you think has the best burgers in town.

1. Prime Burger
Our Platinum winner, 75 Main, is well known for their celebrity diners, but A-listers don’t just come to be seen sitting outside or to hobnob with owner Zach Erdem—they come for the food! And the Southampton restaurant (75 Main Street, 631-283-7575) has burgers to die for. Try the sumptuous Prime Burger, if you can get your mouth around it, for an explosion of flavor, thanks to the awesome combination of quality meat, tomato onion jam, gruyere cheese, gorgonzola, arugula and secret sauce, all on a toasted bun. Want to be really decadent? Order the Prime Black Truffle Burger with italian black truffle romano cheese, black truffle and roasted garlic aioli.

2. Boom Burger
Westhampton Beach favorite Boom Burger (85 Montauk Highway, 631-998-4663) gets the Gold prize for Dan’s readers on the South Fork. While this hotspot is more of a plastic red tray kind of place, everything is made fresh and delicious from quality ingredients. Build your own Boom Burger—be it a juicy single, double or triple—and choose from a long list of mouthwatering toppings. Want a chorizo, avocado and fried egg burger? How about truffle oil, garlic butter, cream cheese and tomato? Bacon and peanut butter? Mac n’ cheese, fried pickles, ketchup and onion rings? Whatever you can imagine, and things you never imagined—they’ve got it, with a side of waffle fries, and you’ll have plenty of cash left for coffee, dessert and a show at WHBPAC.

3. Triple Prime Beef Burger
Served with choice of of cheese, bacon and homemade onion rings, the Triple Prime Beef Burger at 1 North Steakhouse (322 W. Montauk Highway, 631-594-3419) in Hampton Bays is our South Fork Silver winner. Like everything at this classic steakhouse, their burger is top notch. Go for lunch and nosh on the Surf and Turf Burger—their Prime Beef Burger topped with smoked gouda, sliced avocado, fresh Maine lobster meat and a tarragon aioli—or go simple and try the Bacon Cheese Burger. We’ll go with blue cheese, every time.

4. Driver’s Seat Burger
Bronze winner in the Hamptons, the Driver’s Seat‘s (62 Jobs Lane, Southampton, 631-283-6606) eponymous burger is one of the best deals in town. Made from 8 oz. of grade-A beef, ground fresh daily, the Driver’s Seat Burger is always satisfying and full of flavor, but never greasy. Also try the lighter Turkey Burger with cheese, grilled onions, avocado and sprouts.

5. Bay Burger
Rounding out the Hamptons burgers, try Bay Burger in Sag Harbor. This one-third pound of beef is ground in-house and served on a homemade bun with your choice of American, Swiss, cheddar or blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. We urge anyone visiting to add bacon and an extra patty—and sauteed onions, if that’s your thing. To quote our own Dan’s Papers reviewer Victoria L. Cooper: “I bit into the juicy burger and felt satisfaction fall over me. The meat tasted great—moist, robust, salty, bloody and topped with a melted slice of American, it was what I believe God intended happiness to taste like.” For those who don’t eat meat, or anyone who likes good food, Bay Burger’s addictive, made-from-scratch Veggie Burgers are also a must-try treat.

Did Dan’s Best of the Best voters get it right?

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