Guilty Pleasure Recap: The Bachelorette, Season 11, Week 7

Bachelorette Season 11 Week 7
Kaitlyn and her remaining guys, one of whom already crossed the finish line, Photos: ABC

The Morning After: Regrets, Regrets, Regrets
There’s a pall hanging thick over this entire episode. Kaitlyn regrets her intimacy with Nick and fears he will brag to the other contestants.

Oh, those morning-after guilts! You should definitely worry, Kaitlyn. Nick has proven that he loves to brag about his conquests—ask Andy Dorfman. You put yourself in a box. Either you tell the guys or Nick will.

Last week’s cliffhanger left us wondering as Shawn B headed to confront Kaitlyn at her suite. The production team warns Kaitlyn that Shawn B is on his way up and she fears he knows about her tryst with Nick. When Shawn B arrives full of angst, wanting to be reassured of the love she revealed off camera to him, she takes a deep breath of relief.

He is torn up about her being with the other guys, but never brings up Nick. Shawn B heads out relieved after their talk. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn dissolves into tears, disappointed in herself for being weak with Nick and fearing she will hurt these men when they find out.

The next day she goes on a double date with JJ and Joe. There’s one rose at stake here for the lucky bachelor while the other will go home. Foreshadowing, JJ voiceover says Joe isn’t competition for him, but he’s concerned that if he opens up to Kaitlyn, she will think less of him and send him off. So, JJ, aside from the bromance, what else have you been hiding?

The three eat a picnic lunch on the beach. Then, JJ steals Kaitlyn away for some alone time. He spills his guts. It turns out he cheated on his former wife three years ago and lost everything—his wife and daughter, who he only sees half of the time. JJ assures Kaitlyn he has turned a new leaf and wants to be open and honest. Kaitlyn assures JJ that she understands. That’s really big of you, Kaitlyn, but I think it’s time for JJ to exit.

During alone time with Joe, he decides to open up. Kaitlyn finds that endearing. She decides to give Joe the rose and give JJ the heave-ho. Good choice.

Once again, Shawn B decides to go to Kaitlyn’s room to talk. This poor guy is such a tortured soul. If he only knew the truth, he would erupt! He confides how brutal it is hearing other guys talk about their dates with her. Kaitlyn once again expected Shawn B to bring up the Nick indiscretion, but it’s still all about his insecurities. Kaitlyn is understandably getting tired of giving Shawn B the reassurance he so desperately needs.

Switch to the cocktail party. Kaitlyn enters, obviously glum and nervous. She says she’s made a mistake and feels confused. The guys are left wondering. In private time with Ben H, he asks for validation. He needs to know he isn’t spinning his wheels. Kaitlyn reassures him. It seems all the contestants need reassurance during this episode.

When the dust settles after the rose ceremony, Ben Z and Tanner head out; no surprise there.

The next day, they are headed for a road trip to Killarney! Kaitlyn offers a ride in her car to Jared while the other contestants go on a bus. Kaitlyn and Jared stop off at the Blarney Stone in Cork and lean over for a kiss. It seems Kaitlyn’s driving ability is as poor as her Nick judgment—she hits the curb three times

Cut to Chris Harrison heading for Kaitlyn’s suite. You just know this surprise visit doesn’t bode well. The game plan has changed. Instead of four guys going on hometown dates, it will only be two. The overnights will happen this week after the next rose ceremony where Kaitlyn must whittle the pack down to three. That means three of the men will be sent off this week. Now Kaitlyn’s head is swimming. She must say good-bye to three bachelors. But it doesn’t take long for her to eliminate the first of the three. She goes on a helicopter ride to see the countryside with Chris “cupcake” Stanburg. On the scenic cliffs, Kaitlyn breaks Chris’ heart. She doesn’t see them as forever and doesn’t want to lead him on. She climbs into the helicopter leaving Chris alone at the edge of the cliff. He drops to his knees in hysterical tears. Don’t jump, Chris, it isn’t worth it. These are epic waterworks to match the famous sobbing breakdown of Jason Mesnick in The Bachelor Season 13 after sending Molly Malaney (who he later marries) home.

Cupcake Chris on cliffs Bachelorette Season 11, Week 7
ABC provided no photos this week… Photo: D-HAYASAKA/amanaimagesRF, juliannafunk, Art-Of-Photo/iStock/Thinkstock

This Week’s Cliffhanger
Kaitlyn still has the burden of her intimacy with Nick weighing heavily. Hands wringing, lip biting, she resolves to own up to the remaining men.

The Bachelorette Season 11, Week 8 airs on ABC next Monday, July 6 at 8 p.m. Check next Tuesday for our next Guilty Pleasure Recap.

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