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Re-enactment of Nazi Saboteur Landing in Amagansett Is June 13

On Saturday, June 13, at 6:30 p.m., the Amagansett Life-saving Station and Coast Guard Building Committee will once again put on the annual Historical Re-enactment of the 1942 Nazi Saboteur U-boat Landing in Amagansett.

Hosted by the East Hampton Historical Society, it will looking back on the Nazis’ failed sabotage attempt on America’s economy, the discovery of the Nazi saboteurs landing on the Amagansett shore and the undermining of Operation Pastorious.

John C. Cullen, a Coast Guardsman, discovered one of the four Nazi saboteurs who had landed by U-boat and were planning attacks on the hydroelectric plants at Niagara Falls, and Aluminum Company of America factories in Illinois, Tennessee and New York. The saboteurs were also planning on destructively interfering with America’s railroads, manufacturing plants, bridges, water facilities, and Jewish-run businesses, among others. Cullen’s discovery of one of the Nazis, along with the uniforms of the three men who were missing, spurred a large-scale manhunt for the other Nazi saboteurs. George Dasch, who led the mission, ended up betraying his absent companions and aided in the FBI search. The German plan was stopped before any damage occurred.

The actors, who include Sonni Sireci, Carl Irace, Evan Thomas, Ted Hults, Samantha Ruddock, will perform under director Hugh King, and Patti Page & the Andrews Sisters will perform.

This re-enactment will take place at the U.S. Life-saving and Coast Guard Station, Atlantic Avenue Beach, Amagansett. Admission is free. For additional information visit amagansettuslss.org or contact amagansettuslss@gmail.com. Donations will be accepted for the Life-saving Station Committee and may be made payable to the East Hampton Historical Society.

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