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Jerry Seinfeld Takes Stephen Colbert for Season Finale Ride

East Hampton’s favorite funny man and resident Jerry Seinfeld took The Late Show‘s soon-to-be newest host Stephen Colbert for a ride on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee‘s season six finale.

Seinfeld scooped Colbert up in a 1964 Morgan Plus 4 in Brilliant Blue and conversed deeply over coffee in New Jersey.

The two funny men poked fun at each other, as per usual in Seinfeld’s web series, but Colbert was a good sport, even poking fun at himself, calling his new look a “mid-career Connery.”

Because Colbert has not had a show in five months, it shows on his face with his long, disheveled hair and full grey beard, a totally different look for the usual prim and proper Colbert we are used to from his old television show, The Colbert Report.

The comedians bring up plenty of questions about life and death with a side of humor, but Colbert asks Seinfeld a seemingly serious and thought provoking question that, of course, Seinfeld can make humorous.

“How do you feel about happiness?” Colbert questions Seinfeld.

“I think it is a foolish thing to pursue. Like, I’m suffering right now trying to make you happy,” Seinfeld jokes.

Seinfeld has his own share of questions for Colbert in this episode, asking him “Which would you rather be, smart or funny?

Colbert, of course, responds with “funny.”

Seinfeld’s final question gets a big smile on Colbert’s Connery-style face. “So you’d be a clown then? Just an idiot in gigantic pants.”

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