Shelter Island Cricket Match Supports Its Own

How about some cricket on Shelter Island?
How about some cricket on Shelter Island? Photo: omgimages/iStock/Thinkstock

The Shelter Island Cricket Club (SICC) hosts its annual fundraiser match on July 25. A hidden philanthropic gem on the East End, the SICC has been performing since 2012. It was co-founded by Shelter Island locals David Shillingford and Gareth Jones. One of the few cricket clubs on Long Island and the only cricket club on the East End, SICC makes up for its small size with a big annual game that involves the entire Shelter Island community. The club hosts the annual game between the team “Shelter Island” and the aptly named team, the “Rest of the World.” Players on the “Rest of the World” team come out from all over the East Coast and several foreign countries. The Shelter Island team is typically composed of Shelter Island residents or people with
local connections.

Cricket is not well-known in the United States, but the game isn’t as incredibly confusing as it would seem—if you take the time to study the game, the rules would leave you only mildly confused. Although it’s considered the predecessor to baseball, it’s in no way primitive, as it has more complex rules. The pitcher, or the “bowler,” has the goal of knocking down the “stumps,” the three sticks behind the batsmen the pitcher throws towards. But while cricket may seem unclear and complicated to the average spectator, SICC makes sure that its match is an event that anyone can enjoy.

Chaloner Chute, the co-owner of Chaloner of the Hamptons and an avid cricket enthusiast, was thrilled to share details on the game. He says that SALT Waterfront Bar and Grill will cater the event, along with various vendors in tents selling cold craft beers and other delectables. SICC events support the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation. “Because of the remoteness of Shelter Island, many of the Shelter Island players feel it is imperative to maintain a well-funded volunteer ambulance program,” says Chute. “As they get older, they want to know they are in good hands.” Last year the event raised over $15,000, allowing the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation to purchase two automated chest compression machines to be used in two of the three ambulances. This year they hope to purchase an additional machine. If you’d like to show your support—wear it on your sleeve—SICC T-shirts will be on sale at the game.

While cricket games can go on for several days, SICC understands that as New Yorkers, we simply don’t have the time for that and limits each game to around four to five hours. During the games it hosts on the day of its annual fundraiser, Shillinger notes that “the crowds are packed with cricket enthusiasts, beer connoisseurs and families that brings their kids to watch and attend the surrounding carnival.” While it may not be a formal cricket match in the strictest sense because of the time cuts, it does an amazing job of packing all the joy you’d experience from watching a full game of cricket into the several hours the SICC matches play out. At halftime, children are invited to the field to play their own little game of cricket while the adults look on. During the games, if any spectators are feeling restless, they can always go play games at the carnival surrounding the cricket match, where they can win prizes. The festivities run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and are set up on the field next to the Island Boatyard on Menantic Road.

The Shelter Island Cricket Club will host its annual fundraiser match on Saturday, July 25. For more information, visit

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