Top 5 Reasons We Need Free NY State Wi-Fi in Montauk

Texting at the beach is better with free Wi-Fi
Texting at the beach is better with free Wi-Fi, Photo: Manuel Faba Ortega/iStock/Thinkstock

A recent move by New York State to bring free Wi-Fi to Robert Moses State Park, as well as Jones Beach, Niagara Falls, Saratoga Spa and East River State Park last year, will make it easier for all of us to text our BFFs, play Words With Friends against complete strangers and post pictures on Instagram while visiting the state’s most popular areas for outdoor recreation.

“New York is the proud home to some of the best and most beautiful parks in the nation, and this Wi-Fi expansion will attract more visitors to the great outdoors—boosting tourism and growing the Long Island economy,” Governor Cuomo said in his announcement Tuesday, noting the Wi-Fi was installed thanks to a partnership with State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

What could preserve history and enhance our enjoyment of the great outdoors more than free Wi-Fi? We’re thrilled at this excellent initiative and can’t wait until it becomes a reality in Montauk State Park. Here are the top five reasons why.

Selfie sticks rule with free Wi-Fi!
Selfie sticks rule with free Wi-Fi! Photo: Dangubic/iStock/Thinkstock

1. Now we can instantaneously make friends in NYC jealous with dozens of #beachlife and #nofilter sunset Instagram pics at Ditch Plains. It’s way more fun than spending hours looking through a cellphone camera, composing perfect my-life-is-better-than-yours” shots and then waiting until we get home to post them.

2. We can text with Blaze—that totally hot guy Mom and Dad wouldn’t let us bring to the Hamptons this week—and never surpass our data plan. “UGH I h8 my dad 4 not letting you come!!! Hes such a LOSER!!! Im soooo bored!!”

3. Any photos taken while trespassing inside the buildings at Camp Hero can be uploaded to the cloud before men in black suits take them off our phones.

4. It finally makes sense that local surf and sport shops sell selfie sticks. Plus, we’re already half naked at the beach, so sexy selfies will be way more convenient.

5. It will be so much easier to watch streaming video of people doing all these great things like surfing, exploring new places and experiencing life in the great outdoors.

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