Tucker Marder’s Stampede Halted by Heat on Monday

Tucker Marder with his duck Einstein
Tucker Marder with his duck Einstein, Photo: Jessica Opatich

It was too hot for the ducks. They know there’s no water out there, Tucker Marder said. But, onlookers waiting for Stampede, a choreographed dance of more than 100 Crested Indian Runner ducks intersecting with geometric human-powered puppets, were delighted by the spectacle, even though the stars of the show couldn’t waddle to the stage.

The ducks remained in their gated area, close to their water and some shade, while the people in attendance watched large geometric objects move slowly across the plot of land.

It was too hot for the people, too. The men inside the geometric puppets ended the performance early while Marder guided the group to the feathered performers. He managed to get his hands on Einstein, one of the Crested Indian Runners whose head is adorned with a playful side-puff.

Even the human "Stampede" performers were too hot on Monday,
Even the human “Stampede” performers were too hot on Monday, Photo: Jessica Opatich

Einstein was visibly jittery, anxious probably to return to the water and shade. Onlookers snapped photos and roamed the open field themselves, providing an entertaining installation—even if it wasn’t the one Marder had planned.

“Duck farming made out here what it is,” Marder said, adding that it was duck farming that kept developers away from the Hamptons for so long.

Tucker Marder shows off Einstein
Tucker Marder shows off Einstein, Photo: Jessica Opatich

Stampede is part of the Parrish Road Show and it’s not Marder’s first foray into working with animals. He did a similar installation in Pittsburg with shapes, music and exotic birds instead of ducks.

The first performance program was Saturday, and the final program is this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at 1058 Deerfield Road in Water Mill. Hopefully, the evening will be cool enough for Einstein and his pals to safely roam among the human-powered puppets.

The next animal Marder hopes to work with? Sharks.

Tucker Marder and his ducks
Tucker Marder and his ducks, Photo: Jessica Opatich

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