Hamptons Live Music Rules Take a Toll

Police arrested Zane moments after his solo performance of "Cheeseburger in Paradise"
Police arrested Zane moments after his solo performance of "Cheeseburger in Paradise," Photo: Lisa F. Young, arogant/iStock/Thinkstock

The newly implemented rules governing live music in the Hamptons have been in effect for four weeks, and the Hamptons Police have issued an update on actions taken to enforce them.

From the update: “Compliance with the new rules has been spotty at best. For example, officers have found that many bands have yet to be able to confine their guitar players to one-verse guitar solos, and these guitar solos continue to be little more than mindless doodling. Fines have been levied. A few bands have made a good-faith effort to favor original material over covers per our rules, but our officers have determined that their original songs are frequently unlistenable drivel. Fines have been levied. In complete disregard for our regulations (and in complete contempt for all that is good and holy), many bands continue to play Jimmy Buffett songs even when Jimmy Buffett is NOT on the stage. Fines have been levied. Most bands are in violation of the ‘controlled cover’ limit, sometimes even playing both ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ and ‘Moondance’ in the course of a one-hour set. Fines have been levied.”

Police warn musicians that they will continue to crack down on these violations.

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