Holiday Cat Float Questioned in Montauk

The Labor Day Holiday Cat Float in Montauk
The Labor Day Holiday Cat Float in Montauk, Photo: Monkey Business Images, akova, khorzhevska, EEI_Tony, gmgrant, eurobanks/Stockbroker, iStock/Monkey Business/Thinkstock

The Hamptons Police have launched an investigation into the procedures that led to a “Labor Day Holiday Cat Float” being approved and carried out in Montauk.

The Cat Float, an event that involved stringing up pet cats underneath enough helium-filled balloons to cause the cats to become airborne and then launching these airborne cats from the top of the Montauk bluffs, drew well over 250 participants who all paid $25 to allow their cats to take part. However, according to Hamptons Police spokesman Larry Hirsch, some animal rights advocates contacted the police expressing outrage over the dangers the event posed to cats and wondering how such an event could even have been approved in the first place.

“We understand that cat floats have become popular all over the country, and they’re generally fun, safe events,” Hirsch said responding to reporters’ questions. “But we need to make sure that our procedures for locating, providing safeguards and permitting these popular events are carefully designed to minimize danger and maximize fun.” Hirsch noted that, of the more than 250 cats launched at the Montauk Cat Float, well over 150 landed safely. “That’s a pretty good number, when you think about it,” Hirsch said, “so I think we’re doing something right. We just want to make sure we ‘cross all of our T’s and dot all of our I’s.”

For their part, animal rights activists expressed satisfaction with the steps the police are taking.

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